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Mahesh Manjrekar Gets Candid About Recent Road Rage Incident

In a recent interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, Bollywood star and stalwart film maker Mahesh Manjrekar gets candid about the recent road rage incident that took place a few days back on Pune Solapur highway wherein Mahesh Manjrekar's car got banged and destroyed following which he slapped the commuter.

Renowned Bollywood star and ace film maker Mahesh Manjrekar gets candid about road rage incident.

Stellar regional and bollywood actor Mahesh Manjrekar best known for proving his credibility and mettle as a versatile star with unconventional roles in Bollywood and Marathi films and ruling the hearts of fans of audiences and fans from past so many years is a name and brand in himself to reckon with today. In a recent interview, Mahesh Manjrekar gets candid about road rage incident.

This is true that Mahesh Manjrekar had gotten involved in a road rage incident on Friday, 15th January 2021 on the Pune Solapur highway where all the media outlets were filled with stories and reports of Mahesh slapping a commuter who had accidentally banged his vehicle. In his latest interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, Mahesh Manjrekar gets candid about road rage incident.

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In this interview, the actor / film maker who is currently directing Antim: The Final Truth produced by Salman Khan Films starring Salman Khan as a sikh turbaned cop, Aayush Sharma as a gangster and also marking the big bollywood debut of TV star Mahima Makwana into Bollywood who plays Mahesh Manjrekar’s daughter and Aayush Sharma’s love interest as well, gets candid about road rage incident.

Whilst very recently Mahesh on the complainant’s complaint with the police for slapping and abusing him in the entire incident that took place on 15th Jan 2021 on Pune Solapur highway has been given an official police complaint, the director who is at the moment busy directing the much awaited intense cop crime action movie Antim: The Final Truth, opened up on his side of the real story during his recent exclusive interview with a leading digital bollywood entertainment portal.

Spilling beans and coming clean about his side of story, Mahesh said, “The whole thing is very foolish. Someone dashes into my car from behind. I believe he was drunk. He complains the next day. And the whole things turns into a media circus”.

Mahesh also spoke about how feels of having done a mistake by bot filing a police complaint himself and elaborating more on this point he said, “It is quite appalling. My car was destroyed. I was on my way to a shooting, so I decided to ignore the incident. My silly mistake. I should have gone to the police first”.

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