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Madhuri Dixit To Become A ‘Director’ Soon? Actress Reveals!

After singing and jotting down the lyrics for her upcoming album, Madhuri now shared if she would give 'direction' a try! Read to know more!

Madhuri, who’s recently been promoting her latest single ‘Tu hai mera’, shared about her upcoming plans and future projects that she’s working on. The actress, who has apparently written and sung her latest album, was asked if directing a film is next on her bucket list. Upon being asked, she said, “Definitely. I would like to do that at some point. But like I say, right now I am busy with the kids. My younger one is in eleventh now, next year he will be in 12th (standard).”

She further added, “There is a lot of work we have to do with him also, so there are a lot of things pulling me in different directions. But once that settles down then maybe I can think of direction or writing. Like I say, never say never,”

Lastly, the actress was seen on Netflix, in ‘Fame Game’, she discussed it saying, “I loved every aspect of The Fame Game because it talks about everything and in a very sensible, true and sincere way. Whether it’s about sexuality, mental health issues, sexism, ageism – it talks about everything but in a very real, sincere and unapologetic way,”

Apart from her directorial debut which might happen sometime in the future, she shared her journey as a producer. “We have to see which way we want to go, but that will be my next release as a producer. Now, my Amazon Prime film (Maja Maa) will also come. Somewhere before the end of this year, the movie should come out. We are done with the shooting,”

After completing a successful 35 years in the industry, she revealed what makes her feel better as an artist. “I am so happy people are saying there is much more to come as that encourages me also to say, ‘yes, people have faith in me’. 35 years plus career and they are still saying that there is so much more to come and they have that faith and confidence in me, that always helps an artist feel better. I will try to reach for the moon because when you get an appreciation you feel like, ‘Oh my God, I got to do something more”.

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She credits her family, for supporting her to achieve success as an actress, and reveals how they helped her ‘keep going’. “When I go in front of the camera, I am a professional actress and I know what I am doing. I have read the script, and I am playing that character. I become that character for the camera. But once I am back home, I am a normal person because that’s the way I’ve been brought up.”

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