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Madhur Slams Karan For Illegally Using His Title ‘Bollywood Wives’

Best known for his films like Page 3, Chandni Bar, Fashion and Heroine, ace and iconic award winning film director Madhur Bhandarkar slams Karan Johar for illegally using his title 'Bollywood Wives'.

This glamorous Bollywood industry is now slowly becoming a toxic and controversies filled town where every other day something or the other just keeps on happening and especially the social media wars taking place every other day on both Instagram and Twitter are making it a very dangerous and trickier murkiest place to be in. Recently a very similar incident took place between two renowned directors where Madhur slams Karan for illegally using his title ‘Bollywood Wives’.

This is indeed a very progressive change which is being seen in the Bollywood industry where instead of just keeping quiet about things like these, someone finally has guts to stand strong and criticize the other person for non consensual use of his officially registered film title where it is very refreshing and good enough to witness just how where Madhur slams Karan for illegally using his title ‘Bollywood Wives’.

Its a very wrong thing to use a title without the other person’s permission specially when its his officially registered title and we feel amazing to know that Madhur slams Karan for illegally using his title ‘Bollywood Wives’.

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Fashion (2008) and Heroine (2012) movie fame critically acclaimed award winning director Madhur Bhandarkar has slammed the globally prominent film maker / producer Karan Johar for illegally using his title ‘Bollywood Wives’ without his consent and permission along with tweaking it to “Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives” for his upcoming webseries on Netflix India. The ace film maker has furthermore, also requested for changing the title of the webseries to Karan and the makers.

It seems like the ace director Karan Johar is always controversy’s favorite child as how much he tries staying away, unintentionally or knowingly he ends up doing something wrong that lands him in the murky waters and in a mire of controversies as now yet again the renowned Bollywood film maker and his Dharmatic Entertainment have gotten in the sea of never ending troubles with their soon to be releasing webseries, Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives where Madhur has filed an official complaint against Karan for misusing his title ‘Bollywood Wives’ where he even mentioned the fact very clearly about how both Karan and Apoorva Mehta had asked him for the title ‘Bollywood Wives’ and they even went ahead to tweak and change it into “Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives” for their webseries without his approval and permission.

The critically acclaimed film maker Madhur Bhandarkar took to his social media handle humbly requesting Karan and the makers to change the title as his project is in the making and not to cause problems for him.

According to the latest news media reports of a leading Indian TV news and digital entertainment portal, The Heroine (2012) director has filed an official complaint in the Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association (IMPPA) against Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, where Madhur has sent in his letter to IMPPA via email to which the IMPPA quickly responded saying that they have never even registered the title in favour of Dharma Productions.

Furthermore, the report also stated about how the IMPPA has also sent an official email letter to Dharma Productions for submitting their answer on the same along with instructing them for changing their webseries title as soon as possible in immediate effect. This email letter has also been marked to Netflix India. In their reply to Madhur, IMPPA gave their official approval to Madhur’s title of ‘Bollywood Wives’ and also accepted the fact that Dharma Productions are using this similar title ‘illegally and without any authorisation’.

On Twitter, Madhur Bhandarkar tweeted this tweet which read, “Dear @karanjohar U & @apoorvamehta18 had asked me 4 the title #BollywoodWives for web,which I refused,as my project is underway. It is Morally & ethically wrong u to tweak it to #TheFabulousLivesofBollywoodWives. Pls do not dent my project. I humbly request u to change the title.”

Source: Madhur Bhandarkar Twitter. He has written this tweet and requested Karan Johar to change his webseries title.

Meanwhile, the trailer of Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives that was dropped recently on Netflix India managed to garner a lot of acclaims and is being lauded by the fans and audiences as well.

Many Bollywood filmy fanatics and the B Town fraternity showed their excitement and zealousness towards the release of the web series.

The series is going to air digitally from 27th November 2020 on globally prominent OTT streaming platform Netflix and basically revolves around the lives of four ‘star’ wives – Seema Khan (wife of Sohail Khan), Maheep Kapoor (wife of Sanjay Kapoor), Bhavana Pandey (wife of Chunky Panday) and actress Neelam Kothari Soni (wife of Samir Soni).

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