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Madhav Gets Candid On His Bonding With Mentor Shaan Muttathil

In his latest tete a tete chat conversational interview off late, ace bollywood celebrity hairstylist Madhav Trehan speaks on his bonding and also what his mentor Shaan Muttathil means to him.

In his recent interview, well renowned celebrity hairstylist Madhav gets candid on his bonding with mentor Shaan Muttathil.

Speaking about his rapport and how much his mentor has taught him in past 3 years, well known celebrated B town celebrities hairstylist Madhav gets candid on his bonding with mentor Shaan Muttathil.

In his latest interview off late, ace celebrity hairstylist Madhav gets candid on his bonding with mentor Shaan Muttathil.

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There are some people who help shape our perspective towards our careers and inspire us to do better and one such person for hairstylist Madhav Trehan is celebrity makeup and hairstylist Shaan Muttathil. Madhav, who has styled for more than 1000 songs in Punjab, as well as actors such as Jacqueline Fernandes, says that he has learnt so much from Shaan. Talking about how the two met, Madhav says, “I know Shaan since the last four years. I messaged him on Instagram and he called me to Mumbai. I remember I was very happy because It was a dream-come-true moment for me. I packed everything to move but that time there was a curfew in Punjab and we could not meet. Then, he called me to Delhi but I was shooting a song in Punjab missed the opportunity to meet him for the second time too. Then, the third time also, the same thing happened. Finally, I met him for the first time in Delhi on the 18th of February, 2018, following which he called me to Mumbai and in April 2018, I was here”.

Madhav says that Shaan helped me learn a lot about his craft and explaining this point he says, “He taught me so many things like how to visualize the face before styling. But the main thing I learnt from him was how to be positive in any situation. Not only professionally, but even personally. He has taught me so much that I have imbibed in my personal life also”.

Of course, moving to Mumbai after being invited by Shaan was a proud but challenging moment for Madhav and elucidating on same, Madhav stated, “I still remember when he called me for the first time, the whole night I was just dreaming about working with him. But it was a tough decision for me to move on from a place where I was shooting for 40 days a month to a place where nobody knew me. But I feel it was a good decision”.

In fact, Madhav loves working together. “My first project, Mrs. Serial Killer was with him. That one starred Jacqueline. We have done so much in the past 2-3 years together; I can’t even count right now. It’s always fun working with him”, says Madhav.

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