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“I am against everything that harms our environment”, says Actor Yaaneea Bharadwaj on World Environment Day

Yaaneea Bharadwaj has played the role of Sukhmani Sidana in the web series Made in Heaven in 2019.

1- What do you think is the biggest environmental concern in the world right now?

I don’t think there is any specific problem. It’s just the amalgamation of many major environmental concerns in the world right now which include water pollution, deforestation and climate change.

2- Young environmental activists like Greta Thunberg have led millions of people to protest against inaction on climate change. What do you have to say about this?

I support her and I am against everything that harms our planet and environment. I think it’s because of activists like Greta that people have now started understanding the real impact of human activities on climate change. It has been spreading like fire on the social media platforms and people have been joining hands with her initiatives to make our planet a better place to live in. So I think it’s a very good approach.

3- How do you think we can keep a check on the environmental concerns?

We can start off by doing small things like using reusable bags, saving water, planting as many saplings as we can, saying no to plastic and recycling.

4- What do you do in your capacity to keep our environment healthy and clean?

I love planting trees and gardening and I love to see them grow. I try not to use plastic as much as possible and recycle whatever I can.

5- What advice would you like to give to people?

Now that everything is revolutionizing, it is important to look for its implications on our mother nature and try to rectify and minimize its adverse effects on nature as much as we can otherwise it will be harmful not just for the time being but also for our future generations.

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