Lust Stories Actor Ridhi Khakhar Is Afraid Of Being Typecasted As A ‘Pretty NRI’

Actor Ridhi Khakhar, who has been a part of projects like 'Lust Stories' and 'The Whistleblower' opens up about her journey in Bollywood.

Ridhi Khakhar made her acting debut with the 2018 anthology ‘Lust Stories’. The emerging actress has opened up about her journey from Dubai to Mumbai. She says,”  Born and brought up in Dubai, I have seen the city evolve and no I did not go to school on a camel (though that would have been an interesting experience). I did my further education in Canada, studied Science and Business and specialised in Economics and Biology. But, I always had a calling for acting, in a family of pharmacists I was the artsy kid. I started off by doing free shoots in Canada, I would travel hours to get featured in a magazine. I’ve done all sorts of odd jobs just to be part of a set and to understand how the industry works. It just takes time and a lot of experiments. Starting a whole new life in Mumbai has been tough but I’ve made some lovely and motivating friends that have made it a lot easier. The city can be a lot but there’s beauty in there.”

Further, talking about her struggles, Ridhi says, “The journey hasn’t been easy and nothing is reliable, the world is always changing. But, I do cherish the friends and family that did believe and support me. My current struggles are trying to not be type casted as a “pretty NRI” and getting to explore characters that are drastically different from the previous ones.”

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Basking in the success of her recently released project, Ridhi says ” For a long time I always wanted to do a project which can throw a challenge to me as an actor and this one was the one. The character of Prachi in The Whistleblower really helped me break that barrier of just only being considered for a role of an NRI. Hopefully, in my next project, I will get to be someone completely different.”

After making her debut in ‘Lust Stories’, Ridhi Khakhar was seen in Reject X, and recently was seen playing a very crucial part in ‘The Whistleblower’.

She is likely to announce her next project soon.