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Lucky Ali’s Iconic Cult Song O Sanam Marks 25 Years

This is indeed an important moment as the legendary musical legend and iconic maestro Lucky Ali's cult and timeless song O Sanam marks 25 years.

We all know how the versatile and iconic Bollywood playback singer’s cult song of 90’s O Sanam from his album titled Sunoh (1996) got on our playlist in December 2020 last year after a video of him singing the song in Goa beach amidst his fans went viral and making it more special is fact that Lucky Ali’s iconic cult song O Sanam marks 25 years.

This is an important moment for ardent fans of the singing legend all across India as Lucky Ali’s iconic cult song O Sanam marks 25 years.

Lucky Ali and his song O Sanam has been a part of our childhood life whilst growing up and even now has an important and special place in our life right from kids to adults where his music has always made us remember our childhood and fills us with nostalgia and it’s a memorable moment as musical maestro and singing legend Lucky Ali’s iconic cult song O Sanam marks 25 years.

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In one of his earlier interviews with a leading newspaper publication, Lucky mentioning that for him music always comes from the heart wherein he doesn’t believe in dividing an art form and creating differences. He also shared that his prime goal has been to create unity even if not with others, than with yourself and explaining same, he was quoted telling, “I do not think my music is indie-pop. My music is the culmination of my growth within the country; whatever it has given me in terms of what I heard from its rich source of music and whatever I have gathered from its films. From all that exposure I created my kind of music. I did not follow any genre. It is seven notes; whatever makes your heart cry is music. Do not give it a genre; it is an expression”.

For people who wonder and think what O Sanam actually means for him he artistically puts forth the essence of the song as, “Everybody has a Sanam – if you wear a Topi (Muslim) or wear a Rudraksha Mala (Hindu). It’s a song of search, there are so many layers to it just like our life. It flows here, spills over there… just like life”.

Furthermore also explaining the entire backstory of how the iconic song O Sanam came into existence, Lucky Ali told, “I was doing an interview for an Abu Dhabi-based company and they asked me to sing and I had my guitar next to me and decided to sing this song. They filmed it and released it. I wrote ‘O Sanam’ 25 years ago… Nothing was planned, I was focussing on the interview and wanted to finish it quickly”.

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