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Lizaa Malik Bashes Uttarakhand CM For Promoting Superstition

Lizaa Malik blasted out at ministers promoting superstitious beliefs in the middle of a pandemic. Watch her exclusive interview.

Actress Lizaa Malik recently got into a candid chat with Lehren to speak over the ongoing Covid situation in the country. When asked about how a common man can contribute, she said, “Instead of sitting at home and scrutinize people, one should start helping people. That would be more helpful. And awareness is very important. People are still superstitious and believe that Gods in our country are upset and that’s why Coronavirus happened.”

Last month, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat had commented, “Maa Ganga’s blessings are there in the flow. So, there should be no corona.”

When asked to comment over the same, Lizaa said, “Tell them to clean Ganga first. Ganga me snan karne jao to baju se potty nikal ke aata hai, vo sab pehle clean karay. With due respect to Ganga Maiya, I am a Bengali and you know how it is during Durga Puja. We go and take a dip in Ganga Maiya and that’s how we start our Puja. With all the respect that we have for our religion and Ganga Maiya and Yamuna Ji, these people should get the river cleaned instead of spreading superstition.”

She was then asked how such statements from an influential person can put the country at risk, she said, “That’s why people like Kangana Ranaut get a chance to comment. These people cause an insult to themselves by making such statements. If you are a public figure, if you are someone people are looking up to, make sense and talk. Think before talking. Just to prove a point and attract your vote bank, don’t do all of that. If your vote bank is people below the poverty line and believes in superstition, then you should not serve the country. Sit back home and watch television.”

Lizaa made her Bollywood debut with Sanjay Dutt’s film ‘Torbaaz’. She was also seen in 2020 web-series ‘Who’s Your Daddy’.

Lizaa is currently living in Delhi and waiting for the pandemic to get over so that she could continue working on her upcoming projects.

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