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Lata Mangeshkar And Asha Bhosle’s ‘Rivalry’ And The Unknown Truth About It!

Despite the rumors, the two sisters shared a very special bond from the early days of their childhood as late Lata was not only Asha's sister but in her own words, her ‘ favorite singer’

When India’s nightingale Lata Mangeshkar battled for her life at the Breach Candy hospital here in Mumbai, it wasn’t just her family but millions of her fans throughout the country, who prayed for her recovery. But the morning of February 6th came with the news that broke a million hearts leaving the entire country in a state of mourning. Considered to be one of the legendary singers of India, Lata’s eminent contribution in the field of music would forever linger in the hearts of many. While her fans suffered from the sad news, one can only imagine what it would be like for her dear sister Asha, that the late singer left behind.

One of the highlights of Lata’s whole life, apart from her tremendous contribution to the music industry, was her personal life, which always remains a topic of curiosity for many. People who’ve known the late singer also know the strong bond that she shared with her sister. Right from leaving the school on the very first day when the school did not permit her younger sister Asha to be with her to both the siblings starting their singing career to support their family, the Mangeshkar sisters set a true example of what sisterhood is all about. When Lata’s covid 19 complications increased, Asha Bhosle apart from being next to her sister also arranged for a special puja for the speedy recovery of her sister.

What is not known to many, is when the two famous sisters were accused of rivalry, as both were outstanding singers of all time. News surfaced how there’s a sense of competition that exists between the two of them, which was denied by the sisters themselves on several occasions, they even called it to tell tales. The sister duo has sung more than 50 songs together which perhaps birthed the theory of ‘Rivalry’. However, once Asha cleared the rumors and even shared how Lata was ‘proud’ of sister Asha’s achievements and that the two have always shared close ties.

“We used to live in two adjacent apartments connected by a door and we would be in and out of each other’s homes all day. Now Asha has moved out of that apartment. But we are in touch regularly. We are sisters and we have always been very close. The rivalry is all in the minds of others” late singer Lata had herself said, putting an end to all speculations. Lata Mangeshkar had also shared how she was proud of both her siblings Asha and Hridyanath in an old interview.

“What my sister Asha has achieved is amazing. I’m very proud of her. It’s said that no tree can grow under a large tree. I’m lucky that I never had to go out and seek work for my kith and kin. Whatever my brother Hridayanath and sister Usha have achieved in the music world, they’ve done on their own. But I feel my presence has cast a shadow over their careers. Asha had to move away from my shadows to prove herself. And she did it so wonderfully! She set out to do what she had to on her own. And I feel very happy” she said.

Unknown to many, actress Padmini Kolhapure is the great-niece of Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle. In a recent interview, the actress shared how Lata Tai’s demise has affected her younger sister, who apparently was shattered with immense pain. Padmini shared, “She is broken down. As much as death is the hardest truth or fact, we really felt that nothing is going to happen to her and she is always going to be with us. We were all shaken”. Even actor Anupam Kher had shared how Asha’s grief was evident right by looking at her sad eyes.

India’s nightingale was cremated at Mumbai’s iconic Shivaji park with state honors, putting a full stop to the stellar era forever.

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