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Lara Opens Up On Seeing Herself As Indira Gandhi In Bell Bottom

In her recent interview talking about her reaction to seeing herself as Indira Gandhi, Lara opens up on seeing herself as Indira Gandhi in Bell Bottom.

We all know how the global superstar who is also one of finest actors in indian cinema, Akshay Kumar starrer much awaited 80’s era vintage style espionage political thriller drama film Bell Bottom which is going to have a nationwide theatrical release on 19th August is going to finally put an end on one and a half year long lull and loss faced by theatres and their owners in India and in a recent interview, Lara opens up on seeing herself as Indira Gandhi in Bell Bottom.

The movie also features an ensemble star cast comprising of Vaani Kapoor, Lara Dutta and Huma Qureshi and mainly the plot and storyline of the film revolves around a strongly conceptualized story based on a real-life incident that happened during the tenure of Indira Gandhi as the Prime Minister of India and speaking up about her reaction, Lara opens up on seeing herself as Indira Gandhi in Bell Bottom.

The much loved trailer of the film had been launched with lots of fanfare at a PVR theatre in Delhi and post that all the fans and netizens took to social media in order to correctly analyse the trailer. One fan took to social media on microblogging site Twitter and in his tweet, he stated about the seamless transformation of Lara into the former Indian PM Indira Gandhi as it took people some time to even realise it was actually her and in her recent candid conversation, Lara opens up on seeing herself as Indira Gandhi in Bell Bottom.

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In her latest interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, talking about her response towards fans loving her look as former PM Indira Gandhi in the trailer and also telling about the entire lengthy procedure behind the entire team who worked on her look, Lara Dutta shared, “I couldn’t recognise myself at all. We had put in a lot of hard work and had done a lot of preparations. Vikram Gaikwad’s team had done a tremendous job with the prosthetics, making the whole moulds by repeatedly looking at Mrs. Gandhi’s pictures and recreating it. When we assembled the whole look for the first time with the whole make-up and attire and I looked at myself in the mirror, I was shocked as I couldn’t find Lara anywhere”.

Talking in depth about her look as former PM Indira Gandhi in Bell Bottom, Lara Dutta added, “My eyes looked different, my neck looked different, my jaw and everything was different. It made me anxious too as I saw that the look was so on point, so I had to put in all my effort to justify it with my performance. But that kind of helped me push myself harder”.

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