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Kubbra Sait Opens Up About Getting Sexually Abused During Teenage

Bollywood Diva Kubbra Sait has finally revealed about getting sexually assaulted at the age of 17 by her uncle.

Bollywood diva Kubbra Sait has come up with her memoir titled, ‘Open Book: Not Quite A Memoir.’ Sacred Games actress has revealed many dark secrets about her life. Kubbra who was sexually assaulted at the age of 17 has revealed details about the same.

Kubbra wrote in her book, “When Mumma sighed at the reprieve that cash provided, I sighed too. Just then, a hand slid to the back seat of the car where I was sitting and slid up my dress. X, who was no longer my uncle, smiled as he rubbed my thigh. I was numb at that moment… He started frequenting our home, and Mumma would laugh with and cook for him. In front of her, he would kiss my cheek and say, ‘Oh my Kubrati, you’re my favorite little one’. Although uncomfortable, I kept quiet.”

“This was not supposed to happen, but it was happening. I should have screamed, but I could not. I should have run for help, but I was shell-shocked. The kiss grew. He convinced me it was what I wanted, that it would make me feel better. He kept repeating it until I felt deafened, and then he unbuckled his trousers. I was unsure of what exactly was happening, but I remember thinking, I am losing my virginity. It was a big deal, but it was also my shameful secret,” she further added.

Kubbra also said that she was relieved when she got an opportunity to move to Sharjah (UAE) away from all of these.

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