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Kshitij Chauhan On Chutzpah Web Series And His Journey In Bollywood

Lehren's exclusive with actor Kshitij Chauhan as he talks about his role in Sony Liv's Chutzpah web series and his jouney in the entertainment industry.

Model turned actor Kshitij Chauhan is currently enjoying the success of his web series ‘Chutzpah’ that is streaming on Sony Liv. The new-age story marks the OTT debut of the handsome hunk. Sharing his happiness, Kshitij said, “I am feeling great right now. I was quite nervous before the release. And now when it is out, people are liking it, along with my role irrespective of the fact that I am playing a bad guy.”

Kshitij plays the role of Prateek, a handsome casanova in Chutzpah. Talking about the preparations for the role, he said, “It was very difficult to play this role in terms of character psyche and physical attributes as well. When I was first offered the role, I thought it would be easy. But when I read the whole script, I got to know the many layers of my character. Initially, he is very soft-spoken, but when you get to know him, you will realize that he is a big bully and doesn’t even treat women with respect. So, it was difficult to get into his psyche.”

“Coming to the physical aspects, my character is an aspiring model/actor and therefore, he works a lot on his body. So, I had to work on that too. When I was offered this role, the nation was under lockdown and the gyms were shut. I worked out at my home for 2 months. It was a long process, but as an actor, I love this process,” he further added.

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Kshitij was born and brought up in Meerut. When asked about his journey into the entertainment world, he told, “While I was in school, I had no idea about the world of acting. I used to watch cinema just for the sake of entertainment. But when I came to Mumbai, I realised that acting is an art form. And when I did theatres and workshops for 2 years in Mumbai, I fell in love with the process of acting. That’s when I knew that I wanted to be an actor.”

Kshitij said, “Initially, it was the fame of this field that attracted me. I always wanted to do something that would get me fame. So, I started with modelling in Delhi as I thought that it would be a gateway to acting. While I was doing my B.Tech in Delhi, I started modelling. After graduation, I shifted to Mumbai.”

Kshitij told that he struggled for 3 years before he got the lead role in Chutzpah web series. He said, “For 2 years, I did theatre, and one year, I gave auditions and assisted on several projects. I learned the art of auditioning, choosing the scripts and other aspects of being on sets. I was in Meerut during the lockdown when it was offered to me. I gave an online audition, did look tests, rehearsals before I was finally given the role.”

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The dashing actor feels that OTT has opened up many opportunities for outsiders and it is the best time to be in the industry.

Sony Liv’s Chutzpah touches on the dark side of the web world and also stars Varun Sharma, Manjot Singh and Elnaaz Norouzi.

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