KRK Says Vicky Kaushal Totally Deserves It As Salman Khan’s Bodyguards Pushed Him

Kamaal R. Khan says Vicky Kaushal totally deserves it after Salman Khan's bodyguard pushed him.

Recently, a video has created havoc on the internet in which Salman Khan ignores Vicky Kaushal and his bodyguard pushes him. This behaviour of Salman shocked everyone, and he is also being trolled a lot. Where everyone is giving their opinion, KRK, aka Kamaal R. Khan, who does not leave any chance in the personal lives of others, also gives his reaction. However, netizens are quite confused seeing Kamal clapping in both directions, as he never leaves any chance to take digs at Khan.

Reacting to the recent incident, KRK said that Vicky Kaushal totally deserved it and liked it a lot. He took to his Twitter handle and shared the video, writing, “He totally deserves it. I am loving it.” Netizens did not like Salman’s rude behaviour, and Kamaal expressed his happiness over it.

Reacting to his comment, one wrote, Imagine what if you came across to him……. just imagine

Other wrote, haha dushman ka dushman bhi dushman, aisa pehli baar dekhne ko mil raha hai kamaal lol

One more wrote, It is not Vicky’s fault. Bhai should have behaved better..

Recently, Kangana Ranaut also reacted to this issue when a social media user said, “Kalu k sath acha hua.” Kangana reacted to it and wrote, You are so racist, “If you hate also .You shouldn’t used such harsh words . Better ignore him and his related post instead posting such racist post .Be careful if someone report your post your twitter account may get suspended..”

A day after the video went viral, Vicky Kaushal reacted to the incident and called the whole fiasco unnecessary chatter. Vicky stated that thing are not actually the same as they appear. There is no point in talking about it. 

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