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KRK Restrained From Posting Any Content Against Salman On Internet

In ongoing case against KRK with referece to defamation suit filed by Salman Khan, Mumbai court's order is that now KRK restrained from posting any content against Salman on social media.

We all know that global bollywood superstar Salman Khan had filed a defamation law suit against self acclaimed critic KRK wherein even a legal notice from Salman’s team at DSK had been sent to the Bigg Boss 3 fame critic and now latest update in this case is that according to Mumbai court’s new interim order, KRK restrained from posting any content against Salman on internet.

The latest update in this ongoing case against Kamaal R Khan also known as KRK is that KRK restrained from posting any content against Salman on internet.

This is indeed a significant new develpment in the case wherein we are seeing how Mumbai court’s new interim order has clearly stated that now the self proclaimed critic KRK restrained from posting any content against Salman on internet.

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In the defamation case filed by actor Salman Khan against Kamaal R Khan also known as KRK, according to a new report, the Mumbai Court has passed an interim order after hearing the civil suit wherein report has clearly mentioned about how this new order has restrained KRK from posting content against Salman on social media or internet.

According to latest news reports in a leading publication, a restraining order has been passed by the Additional Sessions Judge C V Marathe in the notice of the motion filed by Salman Khan in his defamation suit. As per the report, while allowing the interim relief to KRK, the Judge observed that the reputation is “not only a salt of life but the purest treasure and the most precious perfume of life” and also the judge added this bit, “A good name is better than riches. Reputation is a sort of right to enjoy the good opinion of others and it is a personal right and an injury to the reputation is personal injury. A good reputation is an element of personal security and is protected by the Constitution equally with the right to the enjoyment of life”.

A lengthy 13 pages order has been passed in which the judge also opined, “Reputation and honour are no less precious to good men than bodily safety and freedom. In some cases, they may be dearer than life itself”.

As per the report, both lawyers from Salman and KRK’s side presented their said arguments in front of the court and after hearing both sides impartially, the judge also confessed that how the tweets or videos do not refer to the content of the film Radhe and also stated clearly about how those social media twwets and content, “very clearly lower down Salman Khan’s image in the society”, by portraying Salman as “criminal, cheater and person with no dignity”.

The court furthermore also shared about how KRK has failed in explaining his defamatory statements to the court and they also firmly expressed about how if theses kind of defamatory statements and words are continued to be used against the bollywood superstar, then surely it will cause irreparable loss to Salman Khan’s image and repertoire as an actor.

Meanwhile, during the hearing, the judge concluded that Salman Khan had filed a case that pointed out the damage suffered to his reputation due to KRK’s tweets. Hence, the court stated that a ‘relief at the interlocutory stage can be granted’.

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