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“KRK Is A Rat,” Says Mika Singh On Defamation Case By Salman Khan

After Salman Khan files a defamation case against KRK, singer Mika Singh slams KRK.

A few days ago, Kamaal R Khan took to his social media and revealed that Salman Khan has filed a defamation case against him for reviewing the actor’s latest film ‘Radhe’. However, Salman Khan’s legal team confirmed that they were suing KRK for his defamatory claims and not for his Radhe review. The team said that KRK “has been publishing and endorsing defamatory allegations, including that Mr Salman Khan is corrupt, that he and his brand Being Human are involved in fraud, manipulation and money laundering transactions, that he and Salman Khan Films are dacoits.”

And now, Mika Singh too has slammed KRK for personally targeting the celebrities. He said, “All the film critics have full rights to expresses their views. But one shouldn’t attack personally. I am surprised what took Salman Bhai so long to sue KRK.”

“Criticising someone’s work is fine, but KRK always attacks personally, which is very wrong. If you recall, he used to say bad things about Sonu Sood and now he can’t stop praising him. If we talk about Sushant Singh Rajput, if anyone has spoken badly about him, it is KRK. I am surprised why people remained silent all this while. Sara Ali Khan was just 16 or 17 when he spoke nonsense about her. I am glad that Salman Bhai took charge to teach him a lesson,” he further added.

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“If KRK speaks badly about me, I won’t file a case. I would give him a tight slap,” Mika said.

The singer further said, “KRK is a rat. He never comes out. He knows that if he ever comes out, people will beat him up.”

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