KRK Questions Ashish Vidyarthi’s Religion & Says, “Kuch To Sharam Kar Lete”

Kamaal R Khan is now getting trolled for criticizing veteran actor Ashish Vidyarthi who got married at the age of 60.

Kamaal R Khan criticized veretan Bollywood actor Ashish Vidyarthi in his latest tweets. Ashish is currently in the headlines for getting married at the age of 60. It is his second marriage. While congratulating Ashish in his tweet, KRK criticized him brutally. He wrote, “Congratulations to 60 years old actor Ashish Vidyarthi who got married second time. Kucch to Sharam Kar lete Bhaisaab!”

In another tweet, KRK questioned Ashish Vidyarthi’s religion, assuming that he didn’t divorce his first wife Rajoshi Vidyarthi. Kamaal K Khan wrote, “According to Hindu marriage act #AshishVidyarthi can’t marry again, while his first wife is alive. So he must have changed his religion to get married again like Dharam Ji and Mahesh Bhatt. So can someone tell me, what is his new name Now?”

Upon reading his tweets, people came out in support of Ashish Vidyarthi. A netizen said that Ashish has already divorced his first wife. Others trolled KRK massively. A user said, “Jealous much? Deshdrohi banate waqt kuch toh sharam kar lete.”

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Someone replied to KRK, “Man needs woman & woman needs man. Thats the nature. Isme sharam kya ? Instead of unwanted relationship he got married like a gentleman. Kuch tho sharam karlo bai (for your jealousy post).”

Another reply reads, “To get married at any age is not a shameful act. To be in a disloyal illicit relationship ( which very frequently happens) is disgraceful and shameful. If you cant speak good and kindly at someones happy and joyous moments it is better to be silent.”

Ashish Vidyarthi was married to actor and singer Rajoshi for 23 years. They also have a son together named Arth Vidyarthi. Recently, Ashish got married to fashion entrepreneur Rupali Barua, who hails from Assam.

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