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KRK Clears Air Post Govinda Told He Hasn’t Talked To Him

After the entire hullaballoo and chaos thanks to KRK's earlier tweet on twitter handle, Kamaal R Khan clears air post Govinda told he hasn't talked to him in so many years.

The Bigg Boss 3 fame self acclaimed film critic Kamaal R Khan also known as KRK has made his way to grab headlines on social media and internet for all wrong reasons ever since he decided to lock horns with global superstar Salman Khan who then filed a defamation suit against KRK of using derogatory and slandering language for spoiling his repertoire and also insulting his Being Human foundation, and post this he received a lot of flak and criticism from Salman’s fandom, friends, well-wishers and supporters and now post Bollywood star Govinda’s tweet clearing misconception, even KRK clears air post Govinda told he hasn’t talked to him.

Amidst of this ongoing feud between him and Salman, he made a tweet and tagged Govinda thanking him for all the support which made social media users wonder that is he talking about B-town star Coolie No 1 (1995) fame Govinda and later Govinda responded saying that he has not even been in contact and touch with KRK from past so many years and he must have gotten confused with another person of same name and now finally, KRK clears air post Govinda told he hasn’t talked to him.

Taking to his official social media handle on microblogging site Twitter which isn’t private anymore, KRK clears air post Govinda told he hasn’t talked to him.

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Tagging the iconic bollywood star Govinda in his tweet on Twitter, he clearly mentioned about how he is not really talking about him but his friend whose name is also Govinda and explaining the same for clearing the confusion once and for all, his tweet read, “Please note Mr. Govind Arun Ahuja @govindaahuja21, I didn’t tag you because I was not talking about you. I was talking about my friend, who’s real name, Govinda. So I can’t help if media people make news about you”.

Source: Kamaal R Khan Twitter. He posted this tweet a day back in evening and cleared confusion of people.

For the people who are totally unaware, KRK’s earlier tweet read, “Govinda Bhai thank you for your love and support. I won’t disappoint you”. But when Govinda was asked about his reaction in a recent interview by a leading indian digital news wire agency, he not only negated all these things but also recalled the times when used derogatory remarks on him as well as his film.

Speaking about same in his latest interview, Govinda said, “I read some media reports about me backing KRK. I am not in touch with KRK for years altogether – no meetings, no phone calls, and no messages. It could be some other person by the same name as I am not being tagged in the tweet. In fact, the self-proclaimed critic had spoken and written unfit statements about me and my movies in the past”.

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