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KRK Takes Dig At Mika Challenging Him To Release KRK Kutta

Taking to his official social media account on microblogging site twitter and penning a tweet without mentioning him, KRK takes dig at Mika challenging him to release KRK Kutta.

Post Kamaal R Khan also known as KRK targeted Salman Khan and then the global superstar filed a defamation case against him followed by KRK facing wrath and ire of netizens on social media along with Bollywood’s most loved and popular singer Mika Singh slamming him for same coupled with them both taking potshots at each other on social media through the war of words and latest update here is that KRK takes dig at Mika challenging him to release KRK Kutta.

We all know that in midst of all this, bollywood playback singer Mika Singh announced about releasing his much awaited diss track titled KRK Kutta and then dropping the short teaser video for same which had background music of dogs barking, Mika posted it on his insta handle which also featured his team of ace music composers Sharib and Toshi working on the music of the song and now, KRK takes dig at Mika challenging him to release KRK Kutta.

Reacting to the teaser video of the much awaited song / diss track on the self acclaimed critic on his social media twitter handle through a tweet targeting singer without mentioning his name itself, KRK takes dig at Mika challenging him to release KRK Kutta.

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In his tweet post on microblogging site twitter, KRK honestly ended up challenging Mika Singh to release this song and also mentioned him without even writing his name and this tweet of Kamaal R Khan read, “Itna Bhaunkta Kyon hai, Agar Aukaat Nahi Hai Song release Karne Ki? Darr Mat, Bindaas Release Kar! Main Chahta Hoon Ki Tu Ek Baar song Release Karde! Fir Dekh!”.

Source: Kamaal R Khan Twitter. He without mentioning Mika’s name mocked him indirectly also challenging him openly to release the song.

Everyone knows how Mika Singh in his social media post had dropped the teaser of the song and also clearly mentioned about releasing the song in a few days along with also sharing about how KRK has been attacking people with his comments for the last 10 years now and so unfortunately whilst many have not paid heed to him, some have also been scared of him but he won’t be keeping quiet and this song is an apt reply to him.

Source: Mika Singh Instagram. He posted this short teaser clip of much awaited diss track KRK Kutta few days bakc on his account getting love from his fans as well.

Salman Khan’s legal team at DSK had also released an official statement mentioning about how KRK had been constantly maligning the actor’s image and his brand, Being Human.

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