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Mika Claims KRK Banned Here, KRK Calls Him ‘Suar’ In New Video

After Mika Singh's diss track titled KRK Kutta went viral overnight and also became a huge success, he claimed that KRK is banned in India, post that KRK calls him suar in new video.

We all know how the award winning bollywood playback singer Mika Singh and Bigg Boss 3 fame self-proclaimed critic Kamaal R Khan also known as KRK have been involved in a mudslinging match with each other which all started ever since global superstar Salman Khan filed an official defamation lawsuit against him a few weeks back and since then this ongoing war of words between Mika and KRK doesn’t seem to stop at all and latest update here is that Mika claims KRK banned here, KRK calls him suar in new video.

Both Mika and KRK have been taking potshots at each other and now recently we saw how Mika Singh released the much awaited diss track titled KRK Kutta which got loads of love from netizens and fans of Salman Khan and singer himself and now post this, not stopping himself at all, Mika claims KRK banned here, KRK calls him suar in new video.

It so happened that Mika Singh has made a claim that Kamaal R Khan is banned in India also citing his property fraud as reason behind it and now latest twist in tale is that after Mika claims KRK banned here, KRK calls him suar in new video.

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After listening to Mika’s claims, KRK has also like always slammed the singer for it and also called him a suar which means a pig.

As per the latest news reports in a leading digital entertainment portal, Mika Singh claimed, “KRK is banned in India. He cannot enter India. If this is not true, then KRK must step outside and claim it false, and make an official announcement as to when he is planning to return to India. I know this with security that KRK will not return to India because of two reasons – first, we have filed a case against KRK some year and a half ago”.

Not only this, but then later Mika also went on to reveal that he has a real proof of the original FIR copies against KRK which proves that KRK has committed a fraud with his cousin and the singer himself.

The singer continuing also revealed, “He (KRK) sold two properties to my cousin, one of those properties belonged to KRK and the second belonged to his brother. KRK signed the papers on his property, which is fine but he signed the paper of his brother’s property as well. When we filed the FIR, KRK admitted that he forged the signature and ever since he has been absconding”.

Also sharing how KRK has not paying any attention and effectively ignoring the court notices that have been served to him on countless occasions, Mika said, “KRK cannot return to India now. He is absconding and has been banned in India. KRK was banned in Delhi and Mumbai earlier, now he is banned in entire India. If he returns, he will get arrested”.

After Mika’s claims, taking to his instagram and youtube channel for replying back to the singer, KRK dropped a new video slamming the singer which he shared on his instagram with caption, “My reply to rapist and Hawas Ka Devta Mika Singh” wherein he labelled Mika as a suar meaning pig or unpadh and also spoke about Mika’s claims of him committing property fraud and gave an apt reaction to same.

Meanwhile in his video it could be seen how strongly has Kamaal R Khan slammed Mika Singh left, right and centre. The self-proclaimed critic responded to all of the singer’s claims against him about ‘bad behaviour towards women’ and more.

Source: Kamaal R Khan Instagram. This newly released video full of slangs and cuss words is where KRK has slammed Mika Singh left, right and centre also calling him a suar meaning pig and unpadh as well.

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