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Kritika Sachdeva Reveals Why She Took 3-Year Break After Debut Film ‘BA Pass 2’

Kritika Sachdeva, who made her Bollywood debut in the 2017 film BA Pass 2 took a 3-year-long break. She spills the reason behind the gap during Lehren's exclusive interview.

Actor Kritika Sachdeva has made a comeback in the entertainment industry after a three-year-long gap. Kritika made her acting debut in 2017 in the film ‘BA Pass 2’. But at a time when the audience was expecting to see more of her work, Kritika had to take a long break right at the beginning of her career.

In an exclusive interview, Kritika revealed two reasons behind her break. She told that she was stereotyped in the industry after ‘BA Pass 2’. Kritika said, “My struggle began after BA Pass 2. I have worked after 3 years now. And you know what the issue was? There was nothing bold in BA Pass 2 but I was stereotyped due to the name of the film. People assumed that I was okay with bold roles. I was offered so many roles after BA Pass 2 from many big production houses, but all of them were bold roles. And I was not comfortable doing that. So, that’s why I had a 3-year gap. And also, there were certain personal circumstances.”

Elaborating her personal reasons, the actress said that her father was diagnosed with cancer. Kritika has made her comeback with the web-series titled Viraat’ that is streaming on FilmyBox app. Recalling the days when she was shooting, Kritika said, “While shooting for ‘Viraat’, my father was diagnosed with cancer in food pipe. He came to Mumbai for a treatment. We don’t know what happened but after his last chemo, he expired. So, while I was happy to be on set, but I was 100 times more sad about my father’s cancer. I couldn’t be happy about my comeback. It was all mixed emotions.”

When asked about how she is coping up with the loss, Kritika said, “You know, it is very difficult. When you lose a parent, you feel like you are finished. But my upbringing is such that I was taught to be strong. For once, we all are devastated after such a loss because we would never be able to see them or hear their voice. But I had to be strong. I am the eldest sibling and therefore, I told myself that I have to work more, earn more and achieve what my dad wanted me to achieve in my life. When we have a father, we are often relaxed about everything, thinking that he would handle everything. But when he is gone, you have to play his role.”

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