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Exclusive: Kritika Sachdeva On Her Break After BA Pass 2, Latest Web Series And Losing Her Father

Lehren's exclusive interview with Kritika Sachdeva as she talks about taking a 3-year long break after debut film BA Pass 2, making a comeback, her latest projects and how she lost her father.

Actor Kritika Sachdeva made her acting debut in 2017 with the Hindi film BA Pass 2. However, she disappeared from the industry for a long time. And now, she has made a strong comeback after three years. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation with Kritika Sachdeva.

Tell us more about your journey to Bollywood.

My journey to Bollywood is not very interesting. But the thing is that I never wanted to be an actor. My journey started when I was in second year of my college. I was doing a play and some people had come from Mumbai for some audition for a serial or something. Around 300-400 people turned up for auditions and only 2 people were selected. I still remember that it was me and my friend.

They asked me to come to Mumbai to give a look test. I went there with my mom and dad, gave a look test and I was finalised for the lead role. Imagine, it was the first audition of my life and I was selected. But eventually, the shoot got delayed and after that I came back to Chandigarh. They later told me that the shoot has been cancelled altogether.

Later, I don’t know how it happened but people from FilmyBox called me. They asked me to give auditions for BA Pass 2. And I hadn’t even watched BA Pass till then. I literally thought that it would be an educational film or based on student life. I went there and heard the script. And I even liked it because it was not bold. BA Pass is not a bold film. I did audition for 7 days, then I was finalised for the role.

So, this was my journey and I had no struggle. But my struggle began after BA Pass 2. I have worked after 3 years now. And you know what the issue was? There was nothing bold in BA Pass 2 but I was stereotyped due to the name of the film. People assumed that I was okay with bold roles. I was offered so many roles after BA Pass 2 from many big production houses, but all of them were bold roles. And I was not comfortable doing that. So, that’s why I had a 3-year gap. And also, there were certain personal circumstances. But now, I am coming back.

Since you don’t have any godfathers in the industry, have you faced any struggles because of it?

Of course, I did face many difficulties. I was very fortunate to work with a good production house during my debut film. But when a big project of yours comes out, you think that people will come to you, they’ll contact you. But this didn’t happen. You think that people will offer you good roles based on your talent. But no such thing happened. I was only offered bold roles. I don’t know if I should give this statement, but this is how I feel. People in this industry are divided into teams and you cannot enter there until and unless you have very good contacts, or you are a star kid or a relative.

We often hear instances of casting couch in the industry. Have you faced any such situation?

No. I guess it’s because I created a good name for myself with my debut. I made my debut under a reputed banner. So, I guess that’s why I didn’t have to go through this situation. But such things do happen. There’s no doubt in that. My friends have become a victim to it. But I guess I was fortunate enough to not have faced this situation.

But I feel, people will ask you favours. And it is one’s choice afterall whether she wants to give in to the demands or not.

Tell us more about your latest project.

My latest project is ‘Viraat’. It is a web series and has already released in 5 episodes. ‘Viraat’ is a package. It has every element, be it comedy or suspense. My role was very good. I was so satisfied with it. I play a very simple girl but she undergoes a drastic change after one incident. The web series is available on FilmyBox app.

How was your experience working on this project?

It was a fabuolus experience. As an actor, we always crave for good roles where we can explore our character. And I have got such a character in ‘Viraat’. So, acting-wise my experience was good. Plus, the crew and my co-stars also were so good.

You came back to sets after 3 years. How did you feel to be back on sets?

I can’t describe it in words. An actor is always hungry for work. When you return to sets after a long gap, you feel nervous thinking if you’ll be able to perform like you used to do or not.

While shooting for ‘Viraat’, my father was diagnosed with cancer in food pipe. He came to Mumbai for a treatment. We don’t know what happened but after his last chemo, he expired. So, while I was happy to be on set, but I was 100 times more sad about my father’s cancer. I couldn’t be happy about my comeback. It was all mixed emotions.

How are you coping up with the loss?

You know, it is very difficult. When you lose a parent, you feel like you are finished. But my upbringing is such that I was taught to be strong. For once, we all are devastated after such a loss because we would never be able to see them or hear their voice. But I had to be strong. I am the eldest sibling and therefore, I told myself that I have to work more, earn more and achieve what my dad wanted me to achieve in my life. When we have a father, we are often relaxed about everything, thinking that he would handle everything. But when he is gone, you have to play his role.

Have you signed any other projects?

My 3-4 projects are already lined up. I am done shooting and they are in post production now. Hopefully, they will start coming out one by one from the next month.

One of them is comedy. I am playing a newly-wedded Punjabi girl. It’s a hilarious role and I enjoyed doing it.

In another project, I am playing a cop. So, touchwood, good opportunities are coming my way.

All of them will come of FilmyBox.

What kind of roles do you prefer to play?

I like playing all kinds of roles. But if you ask for a choice, I like intense roles.

As you mentioned earlier that acting was not your dream. So, if not acting, what occupation would you be in?

I would have been preparing for IAS. I had taken Arts in college and was about to join a coaching center for UPSC preparations. But when an acting opportunity came my way, my mother was so happy. She wanted me to go into the entertainment line. Generally, parents want their children to focus on their studies. But when my mother watched me perform in college plays, she was happy and surprised. So, she was the one who pushed me to pursue acting instead of IAS.

In the last three years, you were also inactive on social media as well. Why is that?

As I told you, it was due to my dad’s diagnosis and treatment. Every day, we had a new struggle. After every session of chemotherapy, dad used to get so ill. Every day, we were facing a new challenge. There was not a single day that I spent focusing on myself. I just wanted to save my dad. But you can’t do anything in front of God. We gave our 100%. Dad received good treatment and he was recovering. But even we don’t know what went wrong suddenly. So, this is the reason I could not focus on anything.

So, now your only focus is acting?

Yes. But I am directing as well. It is going to be a horror comedy. I have done 2 projects as a director and they will come out soon.

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