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I Am Not A Plastic Doll’ Kriti Sanon Opens Up About Being Body-Shamed

The ‘Mimi’ actress shared about the body-shaming comments that the actress had to face during the initial days of her career.

Actress Kriti Sanon has made her identity in B Town over a short span of time owing to her acting skills and tremendous hard work. While many envy her professional career, Kriti shared that isn’t always how it looks like and the actress too had her own share of ups and downs. Slamming criticisms and body shaming, the actress made her mark in Bollywood.

In a recent interview, Kriti shared how she dealt with body shamers, “There have been times when I was told to line my lips to make it look fuller. It didn’t make sense to me. I did try it once. I was also told that my nostrils flare up a little bit when I smile. So, yes there will be criticism from everywhere. When I smile or laugh, sometimes they do but that’s normal na. I am not a plastic doll” she shared.

She also shared about the instances where she was asked to change her certain body features. “People told me ‘You have gummy smile’. That I am born with, I can’t do anything about it. These are little things that people don’t say directly ki ‘yeh change karo’. I feel like those things everyone hears. Someone was telling me now it’s not the pressure, but I think the pressure is increasing with all these Instagram filters and everything coming, everyone wants to be perfect all the time. So, I have gone through that and heard things. Someone asked me to make my waist a little more in” she said.

Kritik, who made her Bollywood debut with “Heropanti”, had also shared in the past that her manager who was told by many from the film fraternity that she should take up small roles and shouldn’t wait for something better. She has been offered many roles from big prediction houses but she had to reject those films because they didn’t have good enough parts. In fact, the “Raabta” actress was also replaced by a star kid once,

“There were times when I like, got a film, which I’ve spoken about before, not the name, but I got a film which was by big production, very big production but it didn’t have a good enough part. Like she was the only girl, but it was an ensemble (cast). It didn’t have much for me to do and it was a big casting director and she was so sweet but she told me like ‘Do you wanna wait out or do you want to do it?’ And then my manager was also told that ‘I don’t think she can get something better, she should just take it up” she revealed.

On her work front, Kriti has “Bachchan Pande”, “Heropanti 2”, “Shehzada”, “Bhediya” and many more in her kitty.

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