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Kirti Kulhari Opens Up About Love After Divorce

Actress Kirti Kulhari opens up about falling in love once again after her separation from her husband.

Last year, actress Kirti Kulhari announced her divorce from her husband Saahil Sehgal. The actress took to her social media to inform her fans about her separation. Now, Kirti, who is known for playing bindaas characters onscreen has shared about her love life. In an interview, she opened up about once again falling in love. 

Kirti, who never shies away from sharing her views on personal life, said, “I had to get married to realize that marriage is not important to stay happy and that it’s okay to be alone than unhappy and miserable in a relationship. Love for me is freedom. It should be liberating for those in love rather than suffocating. If you love someone, you have to allow that person to be what/who he is. But then for that to happen, you need first to love and accept yourself unconditionally.”

She also shared that her ideal man should be pure and evolved. Talking about the perfect type she says, “I would like when there is complete silence and yet we are comfortable with each other. We don’t need to talk to each other to communicate.” Further, Kirti says that the way a man smells is very important to her. Also if any man or a woman is disrespectful towards others, then that quality puts the actress off. 

Speaking about falling in love again she said, “Yes, why not? I understand love now more than when I was in a relationship. I am more open to love than I have ever been in my life. I am looking for the love of my life but it will take a while before I find him and in fact, a little more time for the public and media to know about him.”

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