KGF Star Yash In Brahmastra 2? Ayan Mukerji Finally Reacts!

After Karan Johar, Ayan Mukerji addresses rumors about approaching KGF actor Yash to play Dev in Brahmastra's second installment.

Brahmastra 2: There has been a lot of debate around Brahmastra’s character “Dev”. From Ranveer Singh to Hrithik Roshan many Bollywood celebrities have often been rumored to essay the role of “Dev” in the second installment of Ayan Mukerji’s film Brahmastra. It was recently reported that KGF 2 actor Yash has been approached for the role of Dev in Brahmastra 2. Reacting to the rumors Brahmastra director and writer Ayan Mukerji has now finally broken his silence on the matter, here’s what he said-

Ayan Mukerji On Casting Yash As “Dev” In Brahmastra 2

Recently the rumors were ablazed that the KGF actor Yash has been approached to play the part of Dev in the second installment of Alia and Ranbir Kapoor’s film Brahmastra. However in a recent interview with India Today director Ayan Mukerji dismissed all the rumors about approaching Yash for Brahmastra.

Ayan said, “I love Yash. It would be great if he plays Dev. No, I am joking,”. Ayan also addressed rumors about casting Ranveer in the film, he said, “There were rumours about Ranveer Singh, the biggest rumour and other rumors about other actors but I cannot say anything. The fun of Dev’s story is that it will come at the right time,” He added,  “I hope that the learnings of this film (Brahmastra Part One) enable them (the makers) to make a kickass part two with of course Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone”.

Karan Johar On Yash Playing Dev

Apart from Ayan filmmaker Karan Johar also addressed the rumors about casting Yash, Karan told E times, “This is all rubbish. We haven’t approached anyone.” Meanwhile, apart from Yash and Ranveer Singh, Vikram Vedha actor Hrithik Roshan was also rumored about playing the role of “Dev” in the sequel. However, during an interview, Vikram Vedha actor Hrithik Roshan was clearly seen denying the rumors about his appearance as “dev” in Brahmastra.

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