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This Is The Reason Why Katrina Kaif Decided to Keep The Wedding Exclusive!

A source close to the actress reveals why Katrina and Vicky’s wedding is being kept as far from tabloids as possible!

By the time you’re reading this, chances are, Vicky and Katrina are probably having a joint mehndi function at their wedding. Pre-wedding festivities have officially kick-started in Ranthambore, Rajasthan, where the couple is all set to tie their knot. With all sorts of gossip and rumors making their rounds on the internet, it’s getting difficult to keep up with what to believe and what not to!

Since their dating rumors caught fire back in 2020, fans kept waiting with bated breath, to hear something reliable from the couple themselves. But neither Katrina nor Vicky made anything official, no official statelets were made, even to this point, when the two are on the verge of being a Man and wife! That’s the amount of secrecy the couple has maintained over the period of two years, from dating to finally getting hitched, the couple remained far far away from the paparazzi and we finally know why!

A source close to the Tiger actress mentioned she and her soon-to-be husband opted to keep everything a secret. In fact, if we were to believe the source, it was Katrina who insisted on keeping everything exclusive about their relationship.

“It was Katrina’s decision to keep the wedding plans away from prying eyes. She is very superstitious about the wedding, considering what happened the last time(when she was on the verge of marrying Ranbir Kapoor). This time she doesn’t want anything to go wrong” adds the source.

Katrina and Ranbir dated for almost 6 years, the couple was also in a live-in relationship, post-breakup, the Bharat actress was left heartbroken. The couple was almost on the verge of getting married but things soon went south after their breakup, as many sources reveal, Ranbir’s father Rishi Kapoor was quite unhappy with the news.

Sure Katrina has her own sour past and doesn’t wish to dwell on those moments and as she starts a new beautiful chapter of her life with Vicky Kaushal, we wish nothing but the best for the couple!

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