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Kartik Announces His New Project, All Set For Brawl Universe

The globally loved and iconic gen Z star Kartik Aaryan officially announces his new project and is set for conquering the video game genre with his entry as Superhero in Brawl universe.

Kartik Aaryan is one of most loved and adored gen Z bollywood star of this generation who has been ruling on hearts of fans and audiences from past so many years and also his instagram has always been a visual treat for all his fans and followers as he keeps on putting pictures and videos of himself to keep fans entertained and also is really one of most active and avid celebrities who always likes to keep on upping his social media game with each time and now he has given his fans most awaited gift wherein Kartik announces his new project, all set for Brawl universe.

This is a really exciting news update of day that the iconic bollywood star after teasing all his fans with picture on his insta account, Kartik announces his new project, all set for Brawl universe.

This new project has surely made his fans and netizens really excited as hell since now its officially confirmed by the actor himself where we have seen Kartik announces his new project, all set for Brawl universe.

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Brawl which is a really popular multi-player is all set for having an Indian hero and also lately with Kartik going from strength to strength, he is going to be seen as the totally badass hero in Brawl, the video game which has gotten the entire world hooked.

A few hours back today, Kartik finally ended up officially announcing his entry in the video game universe on globally loved social media platform Instagram wherein he immediately got entire nation hooked on it and so far best loved for his finesse in comedy and drama, now the audiences would be seeing him strongly go out of the box with him dabbling in the total action genre in the Brawl stars media universe.

Source: Kartik Aaryan Instagram. He posted this much awaited game announcement video on his handle a few hours back today which got immense love from his fans and followers in comments section.

Also this is not shocking at all to see this iconic young gen Z bollywood star entering this unexplored new avenue of video games before any other Indian actor since its true that Kartik has always been an exemplary performer who is constantly seen searching for new ways to creatively express and perform something unusual and fresh as an actor and also for people who are not aware, in coming September 2021, Kartik is going to be the first major bollywood star in the young lot to feature in the much awaited actioner thriller genre film Dhamaka helmed by Neerja (2016) fame noted film maker Ram Madhwani which has been created especially for the global giant OTT streaming platform Netflix.

Kartik’s entry into the multiplayer arena has been greeted by an awesome enthusiasm by his fans who are also totally getting hooked to the Brawl games especially post his entry as a superhero in this game.

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer online battle platform and video game developed and published by the Finnish video game company Supercell. It was released worldwide on 12th December 2018 on iOS and Android. The game features various game modes, each with a different objective.

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