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Kareena Saif To Introduce Their Babyboy In Different Way

Now post these few days since their second child's arrival in this world, Kareena Saif to introduce their babyboy in different way.

Whilst the much loved power couple of B town, Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan had introduced their adorable munchkin son Taimur Ali Khan to the world by posing with him post coming home from hospital, now Kareena Saif to introduce their babyboy in different way.

This is an amazing news scoop off late that Kareena Saif to introduce their babyboy in different way.

The Saifeena fans would be totally elated and thrilled to know that finally now since a few days of their newborn son’s arrival, Kareena Saif to introduce their babyboy in different way.

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Ever since the arrival of the chote nawab who has gotten both the Pataudi clan and Kapoor family over the moon, the fans are eagerly awaiting for the most loved B town couple to reveal their newborn son’s name and also picture of their son.

Also, many people are pumped up and perked to know what name have the couple decided for their baby boy because back then they had received a lot of ire and backlash for naming their son Taimur citing that it has resemblance to Turkish invader Timur’s name following which there was a huge controversy.

Post Taimur’s birth, the couple had posed for the cameras from their building but this time around it didn’t happen for their second baby which makes us mull about how are Kareena Saif planning to introduce their baby to the entire world.

As per a latest report in a leading digital entertainment portal, Saif and Kareena are probably planning to introduce him through social media given the entire still existing coronavirus pandemic situation and because of which Saif has planned to stay indoors only and is also extremely particular about the social gatherings. A source in his recent interview byte for a leading digital entertainment portal was quoted saying, “Saif is very particular and finicky about the safety of his family and he has been almost panic stricken throughout these past months. Now, with the baby here, he has decided to stay indoors. That is why there are no catch-ups with family and friends happening like they were the last time”.

The source furthermore also added, “It will be through Kareena’s social media. When it happens, it will be the mommy to do the honours this time since she is active on Instagram and has all her fans, media and family following her there”.

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