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Kareena Kapoor’s Baby Taimur Ali Khan’s weight and other details revealed!

So, a lot of details about Baby Taimur have been revealed with this recent picture. Right from his weight to the name of the doctor who delivered the baby. Everything is out!

So, this morning a family picture of Kareena, Saif and baby Taimur was leaked online. Also leaked along with it was a picture of baby Taimur, sleeping alone in a cot. While we couldn’t take our eyes off from the little Nawab, there was something else that we noticed in the picture too! That something else was the health chart of the baby. Right behind the adorable picture of the baby we had a health chart. And well, that health chart has revealed a lot of details. Right from the weight of the baby to the doctor, seems like everything is out. Check out the details:

So going by the details,

Birth Time: 8:44 Am. Unlike many of the speculations made, the baby was actually born at 8:44 and not at 7:30 Am

Weight: The weight of the baby says 2.965 Kg. Taimur Ali Khan can accordingly be termed as a healthy baby. The ideal weight of a baby is supposed to be somewhere between 5.5 to 10 pounds. Accordingly the weight of Taimur is around 6.5367061, making him a very fit baby

Doctors: The name of the doctors is also pretty visible. One of them is Dr. Mahesh Balsekar, and the other one is Dr Rustom P Soonawala. Dr. Rustom is the same doctor who also delivered Kareena, Karisma and brother Ranbir. It is clearly evident that Kareena didn’t want to take any risk and so chose family doctor for the delivery.

The health chart also has a logo of the breach candy hospital, not maiking us question it’s authenticity!

We hope these details did catch your attention and were interesting enough! Don’t forget to tell us?

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