Kareena Kapoor Faces Legal Trouble For Using ‘Bible’ In Book’s Title

A petition in the Madhya Pradesh High Court seeks to file a criminal case against Kareena Kapoor for including 'Bible' in her pregnancy book title.

The Madhya Pradesh High Court has served a notice to actor Kareena Kapoor Khan based on a petition by a citizen, requesting the initiation of a criminal case against her for including the word ‘Bible’ in the title of her pregnancy book. Kareena’s book, ‘Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Pregnancy Bible: The ultimate manual for moms-to-be’ hit the shelves back in August 2021.

In his petition, advocate Christopher Anthony expressed that the book’s title had offended the religious sentiments of Christians. The petition highlighted that the inclusion of the word ‘Bible’ was perceived as a means to seek unwarranted attention and was deemed objectionable.

Anthony filed an appeal in the High Court contesting a decision made by an additional sessions court, which rejected his request to file a case against Kareena Kapoor. The case is expected to be heard next on July 1.

Initially, the resident of Jabalpur filed a complaint with a local police station. In his complaint, Anthony asserted that the title of the book had offended the sentiments of the Christian community, as comparing the Bible, a sacred text, with the actor’s pregnancy was inappropriate.

Nevertheless, the police declined to register a case. Anthony subsequently approached a magistrate court, seeking similar redress. However, his plea was dismissed by the court, as he could not demonstrate how the use of the word ‘Bible’ had offended the sentiments of Christians. He then appealed to the Additional Sessions Court, which also declined to provide any relief.

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