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Kareena Broke Doors To Call Her Crush As Rebellious Teen

The ace stellar actress Kareena Kapoor during her recent virtual appearance at Barkha Dutt's digitally live show The Global Town Hall revealed her interesting teenage stories of how she rebelliously broke the locked door with a knife when of 14 or 15 years old, to call her crush and also ended up running away.

During her very recent virtual appearance on ace journalist Barkha Dutt’s show The Global Town Hall, keeping her fashion game even in maternity clothing on fleek, the mommy to be stellar actress got chatty in her interview and spilled many unknown things including interesting incidents wherein everyone would have a good laugh by getting to know that Kareena broke doors to call her crush as rebellious teen.

This is indeed true that she herself spilled about whilst in the interview, that when she was teen, it so happened that Kareena broke doors to call her crush as rebellious teen.

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Amidst the ongoing global wide coronavirus pandemic and her pregnancy, the stunning actress has been stepping out in the city for her work related commitments and also has been appearing virtually in interview and so on. During her recent virtual appearance at the prolific journalist Barkha Dutt’s digitally live show The Global Town Hall, where we got see another facet of her which many didn’t really knew that Bebo was a totally rebellious child in her teenage.

During the show, when she was asked that what is the most rebellious thing she did as a child and was sent to a boarding school, on this Kareena replied, “I don’t know how politically correct it sounds. I was about 14-15 in my teens and I really liked this boy. My mother was upset about it being a single mother she said this is not gonna happen, so she used to lock those phones. So she used to put the dabba on it, take it inside the room and lock the room. So I obviously wanted to go out with my friends and meet this particular guy. So, mum had gone out for dinner. I managed to break the lock with a knife and broke the lock, went into the room, bashed the phone off, took the phone, made the plans and run away from the house”.

Furthermore, when she was asked about the boy, then Kareena said, “He’s now also my mum’s very close friend. Can you believe it? My mom actually loves him now and that’s one thing I look at my mom and I am like, how, when why? We’re all friends now. Saif also knows him so that’s kinda a happy ending to it”.

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