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Karan Johar Slammed By Goan Minister Michael Lobo

Globally renowned Indian film maker Karan Johar Gets slammed by Goan minister Michael Lobo for littering their beach town with garbage.

Lately nowadays, we can say that controversies never leave the name of film maker Karan Johar since his name somehow gets dragged and involved in one thing or the other and now the latest update in the same mire of controversies is that off late very recently the director Karan Johar slammed by Goan minister Michael Lobo.

After he got trolled and badly humiliated by the netizens and trolls in lieu of the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case, Karan literally went missing in action for a while from social media completely and then after many months he came back to social media especially Instagram. Now looks like he is controversy’s favorite child since they never seem to leave him even if he tries to steer clear from them and in this ongoing trend of the same, film maker Karan Johar slammed by Goan minister Michael Lobo.

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Actually this whole thing started a few days back, when Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions filming crew who were shooting for the multi starrer love story film starring Siddhant, Deepika and Ananya in leading roles in Goa very carelessly and brutally just ended up dumping their COVID 19 protective PPE Kits in Goa at a beach village shoot location along with the other waste and garbage after the entire film got wrapped up and then these pictures got viral and trending on social media especially Twitter where even actress Kangana Ranaut took to her Twitter handle earlier on Wednesday and uploaded pictures of waste and littered garbage bags thereby trolling and mocking Karan Johar for the same and also highlighted with special emphasis on preserving the beach town’s pristine cleanliness and purity of the environment, after her tweet Goa based line producer Dilip Borkar got irked and accused the reigning queen of Bollywood of just assuming anything without knowing the complete ground realities of the same.

He was quoted saying, “No one knows the ground reality. Kangana Ranaut does not know anything about what is happening here. This is wrong. She is spoiling Goa’s name”.

Further he also explaining the same said, “There are efforts to defame us. We do not know why, maybe because Dharma Production is involved or Karan Johar’s name is involved”.

The controversy got viral and trending on social media after several pictures of garbage bags just dumped very badly by the Dharma Production filming crew got spread like a wild fire on social media especially Twitter after which when this came into the direct notice of the Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) which is government body that oversees and regulates shooting related norms and regulations, they immediately ended up issuing a notice to Borkar which clearly stated that the rules and protocols of garbage disposal were not followed while disposing non-biodegradable waste which also comprised of the PPE kit gear used in the film shoot.

Borkar explaining about the shooting schedule and other details said, “The garbage was disposed of by a local contractor appointed by the village Panchayat every day. Only on Sunday, he failed to do so, after which the photos went viral”.

After this incident happened and got viral by breaking the internet, Goa’s waste management minister Michael Lobo has now claimed for a public apology from Karan Johar’s Dharma productions and if this is not met with, then they would also be imposed for a fine for creating litter everywhere on the beach.

When asked about the same during a recent interview with a leading digital entertainment website, Goan Minister Michael Lobo said, “First of all, the directors or owners (of Dharma Production) should apologise to the people of Goa for doing such a thing. Tender an apology on Facebook, that it was an error and accept fault. We will fine (them) otherwise. Dharma Production will be fined by the Goa Waste Management”.

Kangana’s tweet about the same on Tuesday read, “Movie industry is not a virus just for the moral fibre n culture of this nation but it has become very destructive and harmful for the environment also, @PrakashJavdekar ji @moefccAsee this disgusting, filthy, irresponsible behaviour by so called big production houses, pls help Folded hands”.

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