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Kanika Kapoor Can’t Donate Her Plasma For COVID-19 Patients?

Singer Kanika Kapoor had stepped forward to donate her plasma for the COVID-19 patients but it seems like she can’t donate. Read below to know more.

Kanika Kapoor who was recently discharged from the hospital post her recovery from the COVID-19 infection had stepped forward to donate her plasma for the patients suffering from the disease. The Baby Doll singer became the first Bollywood celebrity to have been tested positive for COVID-19 and she received a lot of backlashes post her diagnosis for hiding her travel history. After 5 positive tests, the singer finally tested negative for the 6th time and stayed in quarantine until full recovery.

Meanwhile, the news has surfaced that the Bollywood singer won’t be able to donate her plasma for the COVID-19 patients. The doctors who collected her samples have confirmed that due to low haemoglobin levels, Kanika Kapoor can’t donate her plasma.

A senior official King George’s Medical University said, “Blood sample of Kanika Kapoor was examined and almost all parameters about plasma donation were found to be appropriate. However, the haemoglobin quantity was found less than the standard. Hence, she has to wait for a few days for plasma donation.”

And on the other hand, Dr.Tulika Chandra who the Head of the Department of Transfusion Medicine said, “The blood sample of Kanika Kapoor was examined for plasma donation, and it was found positive. But she has to wait for some time.”

Speaking of Kanika Kapoor, the singer took to Instagram to bash all the trolls who spread all the false rumours and negative news about her on the Internet post her diagnosis. She said that she chose to remain silent back then because she was wrong and she was aware of the misunderstanding and wrong information being spread.

Well, Kanika Kapoor is yet to open up about her not able to donate plasma for COVID-19 patients, as many believe that the blood of coronavirus survivors has antibodies which can help the suffering patients.

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