Kangana Targets Diljit, He Mimics Her Voice In THIS Video

Kangana Ranaut targeted Diljit Dosanjh in her latest video and the singer hit back at her in a quirky way. Watch their banter!

Kangana vs Diljit war has been going on since the beginning of this month. But everytime their arguement comes to an end, Kangana pokes Diljit for another arguement the next day. And the Punjabi singer too hits back at her everytime she calls him out.

This time, Kangana posted a video of herself explaining her take on farmers’ protest. Towards the end, she called out Diljit Dosanjh and Priyanka Chopra for making arguements in support of farmers’ protest. However, Diljit didn’t sit quitely this time as well. And so, he posted an audio message for her on Twitter.

He said in Punjabi, “Oh my god. I have to share something with you guys. There are two-three girls who are unable to digest their food until they chant my name in the morning. It’s just like a doctor prescribing two tablets in the morning and two in the evening. Only then are they able to digest food. One of those girls has a very irritating voice, so irritating. Don’t pay any attention to them. They will bark themselves hoarse. Ok ta ta”.

He also mimiced her in a funny way. Watch the above video.