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Kangana Takes Sly Dig At Swara In Her Latest Tweet

In a recent tweet, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut took a sly dig at her contemporary actress Swara Bhasker by tagging her as crass which was her reaction to a fan comparing both Kangana and Swara as class and crass.

Looks like even in this new year, the controversy’s favorite child and ace Bollywood actress Kangana is back at it again. It so happened that an ardent fan in his tweet compared Kangana and Swara which created a stir on microblogging site. Reacting to this post, Kangana takes sly dig at Swara in her latest tweet.

Always known to be fearlessly bold on the microblogging site, taking to her social media handle recently, Kangana takes sly dig at Swara in her latest tweet.

Not the one to sugar coat her words for anyone, the quintessential fashionista and Bollywood’s reigning queen Kangana takes sly dig at Swara in her latest tweet.

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Kangana apart from remarkable performances in Bollywood films is also known for her controversial tweets wherein she gives her honest take on many celebs and Bollywood industry as a whole through her tweets.

She has constantly been in the limelight for her unfiltered and honest brash views along with opinions ever since also joined in the globally loved microblogging site Twitter a few months ago.

An amusing incident happened very recently off late wherein Kangana shared a tweet made by social media user that compared Kangana and Swara also mentioning Kangana as ‘class’, and Swara as ‘crass’.

Kangana also clearly wrote in her tweet of how she was getting bored and due to which she took to her official twitter handle and ended up teasing Swara through the tweet.

It so happened that Kangana ended up retweeting a social media user’s post that mentioned about two pictures of both Kangana and Swara wearing golden sarees with white colored blouse accessorized with necklaces.

While sharing this tweet on her twitter handle, Kangana wrote, “Yeh sab kya keh rahe hain !! Aisa hai kya [email protected] (what are these people saying? Is it true?”.

Source: Kangana Ranaut Twitter. Kangana retweeted this post by an ardent fan yesterday and took potshots at Swara Bhasker as well.

After this, a hardcore Kangana follower commented about taking a bowl of popcorn and enjoying the Sunday boredom with this being her source of entertainment on a weekend, Kangana answered that since it was a totally boring Sunday, She decided to tease Swara Bhasker a little bit.

 Kangana wrote, “Haan on a boring day thoda toh @ReallySwara ji ko cheda jaye”.

Source: Kangana Ranaut Twitter. Kangana replying to her fan’s tweet wrote a teasing tweet for Swara.

On this Swara politely replied and mentioned that she is always happy and glad for helping in alleviating Kangana’s boredom. She wrote, “Always happy to help alleviate your boredom Kangana.. you know I love you”.

Source: Swara Bhasker Twitter. She gave a reply to Kangana’s tweet in a polite way.

Kangana took sly dig at Swara and called her a B grade actress few months back. After which, in an earlier interview with a renowned digital Bollywood entertainment portal, even laughing it out totally, Swara replying to this had said, “In my head, B stands for best. So I am like call me whatever you like. Sometimes what people say reflects more about their mentality than people that they are talking about. And I think that’s what happened with the outsiders and the being B grade actors debate, it’s really just sad. I think people were revealing their own mentality rather than saying anything about me, Taapsee (Pannu) or anyone”.

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