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Kangana Slams Tandav Makers For ‘Hindu Phobic’ Content In Latest Tweet

In the ongoing controversy surrounding the webseries Tandav that's streaming on Amazon Prime Video which faced loads of backlash and flak for its rapid demeaning of hindu religion and mocking hindu gods from netizens and fans, apart from the BJP leader Kapil Mishra along with the Information And Broadcasting Ministry, even B town actress Kangana slammed Tandav makers for its hindu phobic content in her latest tweet.

The ace and versatile Bollywood’s reigning queen and quintessential fashionista is back at it again wherein Kangana slams Tandav makers for ‘hindu phobic’ content in latest tweet.

Always known to be the one that is fearlessly bold in voicing out her opinions against wrong doings, Kangana slams Tandav makers for ‘hindu phobic’ content in latest tweet.

Never been the actress that sugar coats and minces her blunt words to please others, Kangana slams Tandav makers for ‘hindu phobic’ content in latest tweet.

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After netizens, youth and several sections of our society also voiced out their ire and wrath at the webseries Tandav on Amazon Prime Video for rapidly demeaning Hindu religion along with hurting Hindu sentiments with hurtful representation of the same, it seems like problems for this webseries is not about to end as now the national award winning actress Kangana has also joined the trend and bandwagon by slamming Tandav makers for their ‘hindu phobic’ content in the latest tweet.

In fact, now apart from the trending hashtags of #BoycottTandav and #BoycottSaifAliKhan on twitter from past few days, twist in the tale over here is that the globally renowned OTT streaming platform Amazon Prime Video has been summoned and given a legal notice by Information and Broadcasting Ministry in connection with the controversy surrounding the webseries. Not only this, but troubles are gone to another level for the webseries as the BJP leader Kapil Mishra has also strongly demanded a ban to the webseries Tandav in a series of tweets on his official twitter handle.

Resharing a video of the BJP leader Kapil Mishra on her twitter account which talked about how our Hindu religion has been made a fun of and constantly targeted by trying to mock and demean our Hindu gods and goddesses by trying to showcase controversy stirring and anger provoking content scene by scene in the entire webseries Tandav which is not acceptable and also supporting the ban of this Tandav webseries.

Taking to her official twitter handle for expressing her disappointment and dismay over the hindu phobic content in the series Kangana wrote a tweet which read, “The problem isn’t just the Hindu phobic content, it’s also creatively poor and deprived, atrocious and objectionable on every level hence deliberately placed controversial scenes. Put them in jail not just for criminal intentions but also for torturing the viewer”.

Source: Kangana Ranaut Twitter. She wrote this tweet expressing her dismay over the hindu phobic content in Tandav webseries.

Furthermore, BJP leader Kapil Mishra also ended up sending a legal notice to Amazon Prime Video headquarters in Delhi and in his legal notice he has also questioned both Ali Abbas Zafar and Saif Ali Khan about why don’t they showcase their creativity on other religions and why only Hindu religion is being targeted each time by Bollywood and digital OTT platforms nowadays. Also the hashtag #TandavBan and #BanTandavNow is trending virally on micro blogging platform Twitter as well.

BJP Leader Kapil Mishra’s tweet for the same read, “Have issued Legal Notice to @amazonIN to immediately remove #Tandav from its platform or face criminal proceedings. Notice by Advocate @rathi_yukti #BanTandavNow”.

Furthermore, Kangana wrote another tweet few hours back supporting the ban of Tandav webseries which read, “ग़द्दारी और वफ़ादारी ख़ून में भी होती है, glad I come from a bloodline of warriors who fought for the integrity of akhand Bharat….. even if I wasn’t a Hindu I would have chosen to be a nationalist. हम वो नहीं जो अपनी ही थाली में छेद करें, जय हिंद I”.

Source: Kangana Ranaut Twitter. she wrote this another tweet supporting ban of the series for trying to hurt religious sentiments.

As of now, currently the series is in a never ending mire of troubles wherein as even an FIR has been filed and registered against the makers including Amazon India original content head Aparna Purohit, director Ali Abbas Zafar, producer Himanshu Krishna Mehra, and others in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. This 9 episodic series had been released nationally on 15th January 2021 at Amazon Prime Video.

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