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Kangana Slams Taapsee, Anurag And KWAN Agency Post IT Dept’s Raid

After Income Tax Department's recent raid at Taapsee, Anurag and Vikas's houses and finding tax evasion worth Rs. 300 crores, Kangana slams Taapsee, Anurag and KWAN Agency post IT Dept's raid.

The most recent update in the totally unplanned raid conducted by the Income Tax Department in Anurag Kashyap, Taapsee Pannu, Vikas Bahl and many other people’s houses totally shook everyone from the core and now always known to be boldly fearless, the stellar fashionista and diva Kangana slams Taapsee, Anurag and KWAN Agency post IT Dept’s raid.

Never known to be fake and always honest with her opinions, Kangana slams Taapsee, Anurag and KWAN Agency post IT Dept’s raid.

The Income Tax Department’s shocking findings about all the people involved evading taxes and the total monetary discrepancies worth Rs. 300 crores that came out in findings and as key evidence in the high profile B town tax evasion case being handled by them directly has totally gotten everyone in a state of baffling silence which Bollywood always is even on important issues and this time around, yet again the ace film star who is always mired in a sea of controversies, Kangana slams Taapsee, Anurag and KWAN Agency post IT Dept’s raid.

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According to the reports, certainly the raids got conducted at those people’s places who were connected to Phantom Productions that got dissolved three years back in 2018. Today, sharing an official statement about the same, it came out that the production house was not really able to explain the discrepancy of around 300 crores and finally even the Panga (2019) fame stellar actress Kangana Ranaut has finally spoken up on this matter.

Taking to her official twitter handle, she made a series of tweets, wherein the first one read, “Every minute the numbers are rising, this is only the money they found clues for, one can only imagine what could be the actual numbers of money laundering,have been exposing terrorism racket of tukde gang in the under belly of Bullydawood, these are terrorists not just #TaxChor”.

In the next tweet, she wrote, “Kwan agency and Phantom production house were the prominent accused in #MeToo many rape allegations/ cases on them but Bullydawood protected them, people like Anurag Kashyap are not only rape accused but they also tried to justify Shushant’s death, who all think its divine justice”.

Source: Kangana Ranaut Twitter. She bashed Anurag, Taapsee and KWAN Talent Management Agency in her tweets after reading the news report of the IT Dept’s raid in their homes and tax discrepancies.

As of now, Taapsee Pannu, Anurag Kashyap and others have not yet made any official comments on the income tax department’s raids and yesterday it also got reported about how Taapsee and Anurag got questioned about this by Income Tax Department officials in Pune.

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