Kangana Slams Joe Biden By Naming Him Gajni On Twitter ?

Prolific ace actress and quintessential fashionista globally Kangana slams joe Biden by naming him as Gajni on Twitter but is all love for Indian origin Vice President Kamala Harris

Where the entire Bollywood and Hollywood industry as a whole is all happy and full of joy with Joe Biden winning over Donald Trump in the USA Presidential 2020 elections, our reigning queen of B Town is not pleased with the same and is at it yet again where Kangana slams Joe Biden by naming him Gajni on Twitter.

The woman of substance who is also named as one of the most fearlessly bold actresses in our Bollywood industry who is not scared of anyone and stands for what is right is not a person who sugar-coats things to please others and also never minces her words as well so being her real and true self again on the social media, Kangana slams Joe Biden by naming him Gajni on Twitter.

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Kangana after the USA Presidential 2020 Elections, immediately took to her official Twitter account and reacted on the same by saying that it is her prediction that Joe Biden won’t last for more than a year but was all love and applauds for the Indian vice president Kamala Harris.

It was a really much awaited moment on which the entire world had their eyes as finally Joe Biden became the President of USA by defeating and beating Donald Trump in the elections but history was also created that night itself as Kamala Harris was elected as the first Vice President of color who was of an Indian origin for the first time ever in so many years in the US.

Kangana taking to her Twitter handle post the election results gave her take and reaction on the same where she wrote a caption that read, “Not sure about Gajni Biden who’s data crashes every 5 minutes, all the medicines they have injected in to him he won’t last more than a year, clearly Kamal Harris will run the show”.

Further, within the same tweet hailing and rooting for the Indian origin Vice President Kamala Harris she also quipped, “When one woman rises, she makes way for every woman. Cheers for this historic day”.

Source: Kangana Ranaut Twitter. Kangana Slams Joe Biden by naming him Gajni on Twitter, but is love and praises for Indian origin Vice President Kamala Harris.

Meanwhile, also as soon as the much wanted and awaited election results were out, a flurry of the Bollywood celebs ranging from Priyanka Chopra, Nimrat Kaur, Abhay Deol, Ali Fazal and so on gave their take and joyous reaction to the same where globally prominent Bollywood and Hollywood star Priyanka Chopra also wrote this tweet which read, “America spoke in record breaking numbers and the verdict is in… EVERY VOTE counts. I applaud everyone who voted in what was such a powerful display of how a democracy should function. It was amazing to witness this election in the US. Congrats to the President Elect @joebiden and Vice President elect @kamalaharris, the first woman VP! Dream Big girls! Anything can happen!! #DemocracyRocks  Congratulations America”.