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Kangana Roots For Arnab In Latest Video, Targets Pappu Sena

Known as one of the finest and exemplary actresses in Bollywood, Padmashri award winner Kangana roots for Arnab in latest video and targets Pappu Sena.

She is supporting the truth and is a staunch believer of the same along with being a woman of substance which sets her apart from her contemporaries in this highly competitive Bollywood industry and has a league of her own where many admire her boldness and many don’t but never paying attention to these petty miniscule details in her quest for standing with justice and truth always no matter what, queen of Bollywood Kangana roots for Arnab in latest video, targets Pappu sena.

Being straightforward and vocal for what she believes in is what makes her the quintessential fashionista and “Rani” of ruling hearts of fans and audiences with her path breaking performances in films like Queen (2014), Rangoon (2017), Tanu Weds Manu (2011), Tanu Weds Manu Returns (2015), Panga (2019), Judgementall Hai Kya (2019) and so on. Yet again being in her best no holds barred persona, Kangana roots for Arnab in latest video, targets Pappu sena.

Kangana, who is always very outspoken and frank, like other times is not quiet. Yet again, Kangana roots for Arnab in latest video, targets Pappu sena.

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In her latest Instagram IG TV video on her official account, Kangana who is looking regal and elegant in her white embroidered kurta with pink flowers on it and is setting the fashion trends high yet again by effortlessly killing the Instagram with her no makeup look and the outfit is completed with just a dab of lipstick starts the video and says that, “Majority of the people don’t really know for what real reason Arnab has been arrested. But almost two years back in 2018, a guy had committed suicide, whereby in his suicide note he had accusingly mentioned names of a few people and also cited the fact very clearly that Arnab has not paid my money back to me which is the reason that I am committing suicide”.

Furthermore in the same video, explaining the real story behind the accusations being false, Kangana revealed, “Arnab’s team has said that they had paid that person his money and only the court has the power and right to decide that if someone has not been able to pay money back in time due to any reason or circumstances or if he / she pays back the money not on time and a bit late, then committing a suicide due to it can be termed as an abetment of suicide or not. Everyone in India is aware by now that for what he is being brutally punished in the jail where he himself has said that the Maharashtra police is just torturing him a lot”.

Next in the video she also targeted the Pappu sena for their unjust atrocities on the journalist who is the editor in chief of Republic TV network and claimed that, “Just because we have fearlessly called Sonia Ji by her real name, why is it irking them so much that they stooped this low to an inhuman level by forgetting all decency whilst dealing with India’s most well renowned journalist Arnab Goswami and this right now is not a democratic governance but is sadly a fascist government in our country”.

She praised and applauded the journalist Arnab Goswami for being so strong and resilient by questioning the Pappu sena (Maharashtra Government) and quipped, “I want to just inform you dear Pappu sena that by doing all these brutality and unjust atrocities on Arnab you have made the biggest mistake of your entire life as now he has become the most nationally loved and respected well known journalist and how much you try breaking him and his spirit that will make him stronger and much more nationally popular with each day and Indian citizens will always remember Pappu sena with this fact that how brutally Maharashtra Government tried breaking and finishing the fourth pillar of our Indian democratic system in India and Arnab will be termed as a national hero after this”.

She took to her instagram account and posted the video few hours back and the caption for the same read, “Arnab ji is being tortured for exposing drug mafia and child trafficking business in Bullydawood and of course calling Sonia ji by her original name #ArnabGoswami”.

Source: Kangana Ranaut Twitter. She has rooted for Arnab in this video and criticized the Maharashtra government yet again.
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