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Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter Account Officially Gets Suspended

Her tweets targetting Mamta Banerjee after W. Bengal election results were out yesterday that spoke against violence irked Twitter so much that Kangana's twitter account gets officially suspended.

We all know how the reigning queen of B-town with multiple hit films and awards to her name is always true to herself and never likes sugarcoating things and lately because of this, Kangana Ranaut’s twitter account officially gets suspended.

The controversy’s favorite child is always seen embroiled in a soup and mire of controversies and this time thanks to her indirect jibes at on West Bengal elections results and the violence which ensued after that also targetting Mamata Banerjee in it, Kangana Ranaut’s twitter account officially gets suspended.

One of the most active and avid social media users in the Bollywood industry who often takes to her microblogging site twitter handle in order to speak up on various issues, this time her demeaning and hurtful tweets stirred controversy which did not settle down well with Twitter, because of which Kangana Ranaut’s twitter account officially gets suspended.

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This is indeed a surprising news scoop of the day as Kangana’s official twitter account got suspended today just few hours back which all happened as she posted many hurtful tweets against the community guidelines of Twitter.

For people who are unaware, in a series of tweets, she spoke out upfront and boldly against the alleged violence in West Bengal post the election results were declared yesterday and the reigning queen of Bollywood directly ended up slamming and criticizing Mamata Banerjee which happened in the state after the results of assembly elections got announced and also demanded the Presidents Rule West Bengal after Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress (TMC) won recent assembly elections.

Kangana also took to her official insta handle and shared several pictures on her instagram story. Post her account got suspended, she is virally trending on social media and internet. Several netizens and social media users hailed and celebrated this decision of suspending her account and its not first time that her account got suspended.

On other hand, Kangana was also recently in headlines for liking a tweet that labelled Sonu Sood as a fraud for promoting a brand which sells oxygen concentrators for Rs 2 Lakhs midst the second wave of COVID 19.

For people who don’t know and are unaware, this social media user shared advertisement images in which the actor was seen promoting oxygen concentrating machines. The machines cost lakhs of rupees. Sharing the images, the Twitter user wrote, “Such a fraud using a crisis to make money Oxygen concentrator Rs. 2 lakh” and Kangana had liked this tweet.

On the work front, currently at the moment, Kangana Ranaut has an interesting sleuth and lineup of films which include ThalaiviDhaakadTejas and many more projects as well.

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