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Kangana Ranaut’s Ex-Bf Adhyayan Suman Breaks His Silence

Kangana Ranaut's ex-boyfriend Adhyayan Suman has come out to speak about the ongoing controversy of the actress.

Kangana Ranaut’s ex-boyfriend Adhyayan Suman has come out to share his views after his name has surfaced the headlines. If requested people not to drag his name in Kangana’s ongoing controversy.

Let us tell you that Adhyayan had given an interview in 2016 in which he claimed that Kangana used to take drugs and even forced him to take. He had said, “On her birthday in March 2008 at The Leela, she had invited everybody that she had worked with. She said ‘Let’s do cocaine in the night.’ I had smoked hash with her a couple of times before and didn’t like it so I said no. I remember getting into the biggest argument that night because I said no to cocaine.”

And now, this interview is going viral. Anil Deshmukh said that Kangana will be investigated on the basis of an old interview of Adhyayan Suman. Shiv Sena leaders Sunil Prabhu and Pratap Sarnaik also submitted copies of Adhyayan’s interview to the government and demanded an inquiry into the allegations against Kangana.

And therefore, Adhyayan came out and requested everyone to keep him away from the ongoing controversy. He also said that he was ridiculed in 2016 when he made that statement. And now, he has finally moved on and has left all the things in the past. He said that he doesn’t want to remember anything and whatever he wanted to say, he has already done it in the past.

He also urged people to focus on Sushant Singh Rajput’s case.

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