Kangana Ranaut Accuses Karan Johar Of Bullying And Insults Her For Not Speaking English

Karan Johar has shared a cryptic post in which he writes that no matter how much criticism is received, he will always stand strong.

Kangana Ranaut is one of the most talented and gorgeous actresses in Bollywood. She has a massive fan following, and that is just because of her talent. Actresses leave no stone unturned to expose the real truth of Bollywood mafias in the world, and one of them is Karan Johar. Ranaut has again hit out at the filmmaker as he shared a cryptic post on social media days after an old interview of his went viral, wanting to murder Anushka Sharma’s career. 

Karan has shared a note with the help of an IG story, in which he has written that no matter how much criticism is received, he will remain strong. He wrote, “Laga lo ilzaam….. hum jhukne waalon mein se nahi.. Jhoot ka ban jao ghulam…..Hum bolne waalon mein se nahi…Jitna neecha dikhaoge…
Jitne aarop lagaoge…Hum girne waalon mein se nahi….Humara karam humari Vijay hai…Aap utha lo talvaar….Hum marne waalon mein se nahi…..”

After the filmmaker’s post, Kangana also shared a note slamming him and recalled the days when he bullied her and insulted her on national television just because she could not speak English at that time. She wrote, “Ek waqt tha jab chacha Chaudhary elite nepo mafia walon ke saath national television pe mujhe insult and bully karta tha because I
couldn’t speak English… aaj inki Hindi dekh ke khayal aaya, abhi toh sirf
tumhari Hindi sudhari hai aage aage dekho hota hai kya.”

Recently, Karan Johar’s old interview went viral on social media, where he spoke about wanting to murder Anushka Sharma’s career after he saw her photo. For that statement, he is facing criticism from the industry, some celebrities, and netizens.

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