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Kangana Ranaut Supports TV Actor Who Was Stabbed In Mumbai

Kangana Ranaut comes out in support of TV actor Malvi Malhotra who was stabbed on Mumbai streets.

Kangana Ranaut has stood in support of a TV actor who was brutally stabbed on Mumbai streets. For the unaware, TV actor Malvi Malhotra was stabbed thrice with a knife on Monday night for allegedly refusing a marriage proposal.

According to the reports, Malvi had met a man named Yogesh Kumar over social media. He had proposed to Malvi several times and she had blocked him on social media.

However, on Monday night, when she was returning from a cafe to her residence, the accused arrived in a luxury car and confronted her. When she refused to speak to him, he stabbed her thrice in the abdomen and fled away. 

 The actor is in hospital and after filing an FIR, she also asked for help from Kangana Ranaut.

As soon as Kangana came to know about the incident, she tweeted, “Dear Malvi I am with you, I read you are critical, I pray for you dear girl, requesting @sharmarekha ji to take immediate actions against the culprit, we are with you and we will get you justice. Please have faith.”

She then targeted the Bollywood industry in her next tweet. She wrote, “This is the truth of film industry, this is what happens to small town strugglers who don’t have connections and proper channels, nepotism kids might defend themselves as much they want but how many of them have been stabbed, raped and killed?”

Meanwhile, the Mumbai Police is conducting an investigation into the case. 

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