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Kangana Ranaut Slams People Criticizing The Government Over Covid Situation

Kangana Ranaut has expressed her opinion on those criticizing the central government about how it handled the second wave of Covid-19.

The Indian government is facing heavy criticism for ‘mishandling’ the second wave of Covid-19. On the the hand, actor Kangana Ranaut is furious how Indian citizens are contributing to the bad international press.

She has uploaded a video of herself on social media, slamming people who are criticizing the government and requested the authorities to take action against those criticising the government.

She said in the video, “India is shown as if its people have just evolved from monkeys to humans. They behave as if a few white people must come and make you their slaves, tell you what to do, how to behave, eat, tell you what a democracy is, whom to choose, you just don’t have the sense to do what is right. So we will tell you what to do.”

She further added, “These people try to tell us how to run our country? Who are they? Such a large portion of America’s population was wiped out during the first wave. Everyone saw what happened in Italy. England is still struggling with the second wave. We are too. No doubt. But did anyone name and shame any minister, their democracy? ‘Choose education, this and that.’ Who are you to tell us? We will struggle on our own and we are already,” she said. She ended the video saying that the government should take action against the ‘upadravi (rowdy)’ persons.”

What is your take on this?

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