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Kangana Ranaut Set To Play Indira Gandhi In her Next Film, ‘Emergency’

Kangana Ranaut announced her next political drama titled 'Emergency', read to know everything about the movie known so far!

Kangana Ranaut, after her last performance in ‘Dhaakad’ is all set now to essay India’s third Prime minister Indira Gandhi in her next film titled, ‘Emergency’. The actress took to her Instagram handle to share snippets of the emergency that took place in 1975. Sharing the news, Kangana also captioned the image saying, “These were the most dramatic events in the recent history of the world. What lead to Emergency which was declared today and what were its consequences,”

She further continued, “In the centre of it was the most powerful woman in the world. This deserves a grand scale epic film of its own. So see you in the theatres next year with #Emergency.” The actress is said to portray the character of late Indira Gandhi in the film. Apart from acting, the actress will also be producing political drama. Going by the title, the political drama will lost likely discuss the emergency of 1975 and ‘operation blue star’.

Since the news broke out, fans have been giving out mixed reactions, with some appreciating the actress for taking up strong influential roles whereas others alleged her of making another controversial movie. Despite being in the news and making headlines for all the controversial reasons, Kangana had once shared how she doesn’t attract any negativity that she receives online. She said, “I would like to believe I am very focused and don’t bother about the bad part. Every human wants the good part but that’s not how life works. It comes with both good and bad parts together. And if I want to be on top, I need to accept both sides.”

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While not just this, there are many other Bollywood movies that revolve around the life of Indira Gandhi. Bollywood had many political films that discussed the life of India’s one of the most influential political icons like the 2017 Madhur Bhandarkar film ‘Indu Sarkar’, the film was also controversial to some extent as it saw many protests and agitation before its release. The 1975 film ‘Aandhi’ was also loosely based on Indira Gandhi’s life, but the film was apparently banned by Indira Gandhi herself, as she was Indian prime minister then. Apart from this, the 1977 film ‘Kissa Kursi Ka’ and 2005 film ‘Amu’, 2016 film ’31st October’ and 2013 film ‘Madras Cafe’ were all based on Indira Gandhi to some extent.

The Queen actress is also said to have working on multiple projects, as movies like Tanu Weds Manu 3, Tiku Weds Sheru, Sita, Imli, etc are few of her films that await a 2022 release.

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