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Kangana Ranaut Says Earth Is Healing As People Suffer From Covid

Kangana Ranaut's latest tweet about Coronavirus is not going well with people.

India is suffering from the second wave of Covid-19. A huge number of people are getting infected and even dying with the virus. Many people have also lost their jobs and life savings. Amid all this, actress Kangana Ranaut made an attempt to justify these sufferings.

She wrote on her Twitter, “Today humans are traumatised by self made virus which they used to bring each other’s economies down. Some may agree with what I say some may not but one thing no one can deny is that the Earth is healing, virus may be killing humans but healing every thing else. Let’s be gentle to her 1) each one of us must plant 8 trees a year 2) stop breeding like rabbits 3) avoid single used plastic 4)Don’t waste food 5) be aware of idiots around you take responsibility cause you could be living wisely but if not handled they will destroy you.”

Even though she tried to give away a good social message, the timing and the way she said it backfired. Her followers criticized her for this tweet. A user wrote, “Which kind of healing is this ?? People are dying, people are begging here for beds, for oxygen & for injections. People are losing their jobs, unemployed are just sitting at home without money & work.”

Another user said, “Not the right time, nor the right words. People are in pain and have lost cherished ones. Unnecessary sermons aren’t what they want to hear.”

Well, what do you think about Kangana’s tweet?

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