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Kangana Ranaut reveals she took a mild doses of hormone pills to look like J Jayalalithaa

Kangana Ranaut for a role as J Jayalalithaa in her upcoming film Thalaivi revealed how she had to look voluptuous in her belly and thigh area. As Kangana is tall and skinny and her face is angular, not round, she revealed she took a mild dose of hormone pills for her character in the upcoming movie.

Kangana Ranaut’s next is a biopic based on the life of political stalwart, J Jayalalithaa. Recently the first poster of the movie dropped featuring Kangana as J Jayalalithaa, where she is seen clad in a dark green cape with a border and a circular bindi on her forehead similar to that of the late CM. Kangana totally nailed the look of the actor-turned-politician in her upcoming film.

Talking about her superb transformation as J Jayalalithaa in AL Vijay’s directorial venture she spoke about how when aping a person for cinema, actors try to get the apparel and appearances on point but leave out the physical transformation. But director Vijay wanted her to look as closely as possible to Jayalalithaa. Jayalalithaa herself saw a drastic physical transformation in her life. She had an hour-glass figure as she grew up as a Bharatanatyam dancer. But when she joined politics she had an accident that required her to pump herself with huge doses of steroids. And while all of that couldn’t be depicted in the film, they did make sure Kangana resembled her during these phases.

Kangana further opened up about how she needed to look voluptuous, especially around the belly and thigh area. Kangana revealed that along with taking mild hormone pills she also began intaking food that promoted weight gain. She said, “Jason Collins team made a structure that was suitable to make me look voluptuous. During the portions showcasing her as a young politician, we aimed to only make my face look fuller. As for the rest of the body, it took the team seven hours each day to acquire the look. The hands had to be re-done, and different kinds of pads were used for different parts of the body.”

Kangana also further revealed that Jayalalithaa was strong-willed whereas she is fiery. She also revealed that getting into Jayalalithaa’s demeanor was indeed a challenge for her, while it was also a new body language that she was introduced to.

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