Kangana Ranaut REACTS To Annu Kapoor’s Comment On Her Slap Incident

Kangana Ranaut has shared her reaction to Annu Kapoor's recent comment on her slap incident.

Actress and politician, Kangana Ranaut responded to Annu Kapoor’s recent comments regarding her slap incident by sharing a video clip of his remarks from a press conference on her Instagram Stories Friday night.

Sharing the clip featuring Annu Kapoor the actress wrote, “Do you agree with Annu Kapoor ji that we tend to hate a successful woman, hate her more if she is beautiful and hate her even more passionately if she is powerful? Is it true?”

What Annu Kapoor Said About Kangana Ranaut’s Slap Incident?

During a recent promotional event Annu Kapoor was asked about the slap incident with Kangana. To this he said, “Yeh Kangana ji kaun hain? Please batao na kaun hain? Zaahir hai aap pooch rahe hain toh koi bahut badi heroine hongi? Sundar hain kya? (Who is this Kangana? Is she a big heroine? Is she beautiful?)”

When a journalist revealed that Kangana is the newly elected MP from Mandi, Annu said, “Oho woh bhi ho gayi! Abhi toh bahut shaktishaali ho gayi hain (Oh, she has become that too. She is powerful now).”

Suggesting she should take a legal action he added, “Ek sundar hai toh hume waese hi unse jalan horahi hai kyuki hum toh bohut bhadde…aadmi hai. Uske baad powerful hai. Aap bolrahe hai kisi officer nein unhe thappad maar diya? Toh unko puri kaarwahi karni chahiye definitely (I was already jealous that she was pretty because I am not. She is powerful too.You are telling me that some officer slapped her? Then she should definitely take legal action).”

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