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Kangana Ranaut’s Strong Reaction On Ajay Devgn-Kiccha Sudeep’s Argument Over Hindi Language

At a recent promotional event for her upcoming film, 'Dhaakad' Kangana opened up about the latest 'Ajay Devgn-Kiccha Sudeep' controversy . Read to know more!

Kangana Ranaut is recently all occupied with the promotions of her upcoming film ‘Dhaakad’, an action-filled adventure movie alongside Arjun Rampal, Divya Dutta and Sharib Hashmi, Kangana essays the character of an international spy in the film. With the film releasing on the 20th of May, in a recent promotional event of the film, Kangana, known for her bold and controversial remarks, tackled many difficult questions without hesitating a bit.

Addressing the recent Twitter rift between Ajay Devgn and Sudeep Kiccha on the issue of ‘Hindi’ as a national language, Kangana shared how all artists of the world should work together as a community. On being asked about the Ajay-Kiccha Twitter argument, she said “There is no direct answer for this” but explained how India, as a country, is a country of many languages and diversity and culture and that everyone has the right to feel privileged in their culture or language. “We as a country, need some thread to run through it, and that if we had to respect our constitution, we must also respect how the nation made ‘Hindi’ its national language”

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Kangana remarked how in her opinion, the national language of the country should rather be ‘Sanskrit’, being the most ancient language of our country. She stated how, most Indian languages, right from Hindi to Tamil to Kannada, are derived from Sanskrit. “Why the country chose Hindi as against Sanksrit, I don’t have an answer for that. It was a decision taken at that time” she further elaborated. Kangana firmly stated how denying accepting a particular language as a national language is like denying the ‘constitution.’ “Denying Hindi as a national language is like denying the central government in Delhi” she stated.

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