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Kangana Ranaut Quips BMC On Bhiwandi Building Collapse

Actress Kangana Ranaut has been hitting the headlines for the past few weeks for her controversial remarks and unfiltered comments. The actress, known for her outspokeness, is on a full rage these days. The Queen actress has been involved in a verbal spat with Shiv Sena and is leaving no stone unturned to bash them. In a recent incident, a building in Bhiwandi collapsed sending shockwaves across the city. The actress took this as an opportunity to slam Maharashtra state government. Pertaining to the event, Kangana Ranaut posts a tweet and quips BMC on the collapse of building in Bhiwandi.

In her tweet, Kangana Ranaut is slamming Maharashtra’s Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray along with Sanjay Raut for their negligence.

Speaking of the building collapse, it has resulted in as many as 41 casualties. Kangana mentions that while they were busy illegally demolishing her office building, they should have paid attention to this building as well.

Kangana Ranaut quips BMC by tweeting, “उद्धव ठाकरे, संजय राउत  @mybmcजब मेरा घर ग़ैर क़ानूनी तरीक़े से तोड़ रहे थे, उस वक्त उतना ध्यान इस बिल्डिंग पे दिया होता तो आज यह लगभग पचास लोग जीवित होते, इतने जवान तो पुलवामा में पाकिस्तान में नहीं मरवाए जितने मासूमों को आपकी लापरवाही मार गयी, भगवान जाने क्या होगा मुंबई का  ( Uddhav Thackeray, Sanjay Raut, BMC, when you were illegally demolishing my house, at that time, you could have paid attention to this building too.”

The tweet further reads, “It would have saved lives of almost 50 people. Even the attack by Pakistan did not kill as many soldiers in Pulwama as your negligence killed innocent people.”

As of now, the resue operation is in full swing and it may result in more fatatilities.

Meanwhile, Kangana Ranaut is seeking monetary compensation from the BMC for damaging her property. The 33-year old actress has asked a compensation of worth Rs 2 crore from the BMC.

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