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Kangana Ranaut Opposes The Idea Of Giving Salaries To Housewives

Kangana Ranaut has opposed Kamal Haasan's idea of paying salaries to homemakers.

Actor Kangana Ranaut is back in news with her first controversy of 2021. Recently, Kamal Haasan presented the idea of recognising housework as a salaried profession. While campaigning across Tamil Nadu for the upcoming Assembly Elections, Kamal Haasan is promising to make homemakers a salaried class.

Shashi Tharoor supported this idea and wrote on Twitter, “I welcome Kamal Haasan’s idea of recognizing housework as a salaried profession with the state government paying a monthly wage to homemakers. This will recognize and monetize the services of women homemakers in society, enhance their power and autonomy and create near-universal basic income.”

Kangana Ranaut did not like this idea and she immediately took to Twitter to present her views. Kangana wrote, “Don’t put a price tag on sex we have with our love, don’t pay us for mothering our own, we don’t need salary for being the Queens of our own little kingdom our home,stop seeing everything as business. Surrender to your woman she needs all of you not just your love/respect/salary.”

She further added, “It will be worse to reduce a home owner to home employ, to give price tag to mothers’ sacrifices and life long unwavering commitment. It’s like you want to pay God for this creation, cause you suddenly pity him for his efforts. It’s partially painful and partially funny thought.

Reading this, Shashi Tharoor agreed and disagreed at the same time. He said, “I agree with Kangana that there are so many things in a homemaker’s life that are beyond price. But this is not about those things. It’s about recognizing the value of unpaid work and also ensuring a basic income to every woman. I’d like all Indian women to be as empowered as you.”

Well, who do you think is right here?  Do you support this idea of giving salary to homemakers or is Kangana Ranaut right?

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